Where to Go on Holiday in March
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Where to Go on Holiday in March

Thinking about where to go on holiday in March? We’ve put together a rundown of some of the best holiday destinations for March, from sun-drenched beaches and European breaks through to adventure-fuelled escapes and exciting festivals. Where in the world might you end up? 

Best places to visit in March in Europe

Let’s start with some of the best places to visit in Europe in March. Whether you’re after a culture break or a bit of spring sunshine, we’ve got you covered… 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a wonderful place to visit in March, as the sun breaks up the long winter. The largest flower garden in the world, the Keukenhof also opens in March, heralding the advent of Spring, says Simon Hodge, Managing Director of Tailor Made Rail

This European city’s one of our faves for a city break, and I’m actually returning here myself this March! As well as Amsterdam’s main attractions (we recommend Marco Polo’s guide to Amsterdam), make sure you check out some other city’s quirkier offerings and to keep things cheap, check out Lou’s guide to visiting Amsterdam on a budget

Dublin, Ireland

Where better to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than Dublin, Ireland? Raise a glass of Guinness to the saint who drove the snakes from Ireland by attending one of the city’s many events that see the streets alive with music and theatre performances as well as the world renowned St Patrick’s Day parade on the big day, March 17th. The place to be, of course is in the Temple Bar area of the city, renowned for its party pubs and great eateries. Be forewarned though, Ireland’s quite an expensive destination so save up your pennies if you plan to party hard! 

Once the celebrations come to a close why not stay a little longer and see what else this beautiful country has to offer. You can reach a lot of great spots on a day trip from Dublin, such as Galway Bay, the Cliffs of Moher and Blarney Castle. Have we piqued your interest? Then check out our guide to the Best Day Trips from Dublin, and for more info on what the city has to offer I recommend reading 48 Hours in Dublin

Groningen, Netherlands 

Where to Go on Holiday in March

Groningen is the largest city in northern Holland. Although overshadowed by popular Dutch destinations such as Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam and Delft, this city has a lot to offer such as historic architecture and houses, beautiful gardens and a seal sanctuary (I’m sold!).

March is a good time to visit as this when the Grasnapolsky winter festival takes place  – in a former straw cardboard factory. Experience different music styles, from rock to intimate songs, dance to electronic music and discover new bands and artists. The factory and its surroundings are part of the festival’s themes. Ketelhuis (boiler room), Bolkokers (bulb kettles) or Machinekamer (machine room), every space has its own ambiance and unique purpose. There are art routes and ‘expeditions’ involving nature, the history and architecture of this extraordinary building and its surroundings.

Mallorca, Spain 

If you’re looking for cheap places to travel in March then consider Mallorca (or Majorca if you prefer). The biggest of the Baleric Islands Mallorca also made our where to travel in February list! 

Maria Cook, general manager of Ffestiniog Travel says that March is a wonderful time of year to visit Mallorca because the weather is a comfortable 16 degree (average) temperature, with bright sunlight and minimal rain. As the weather’s not too hot March is also a great time for outdoor pursuits like hiking and cycling, or perhaps more relaxing boat trips. 

March is also when the almond blossom makes its debut and its a great time to get a good hotel deal as many are just opening up after their winter break and offering cheap low-season deals! 

The best March destinations around the world 

Discover where in the world you’ll find the best weather in March and where the biggest events are taking place…

Amman, Jordan

In Amman, the capital of Jordan, you’ll find modern buildings rubbing shoulders with traditional coffee shops and old souqs. It’s placement also means that you’re no more than a four hour drive from anywhere in the country! 

Due to the country’s high temperatures most of the year, spring’s average daily temperature of 26 degrees makes it the perfect time to visit. Exploring the sites in this climate is not only more pleasant, but it’s also perfect temperature for hiking in the nature reserves.

Places not to miss include the city’s famous Rainbow Street, one of the oldest in the city and today is filled with bustling art galleries, coffee shops and diversity of artisan shops embodying the unique blend of the old and new that this city manifest. Also an old part of the city, the downtown area is more traditional, with smaller businesses producing and selling everything from intricate gold and silver, to everyday household items.

As well as the downtown souks you mustn’t miss the restored Roman Theatre, an ancient arena at the heart of the capital. Dating back to the 2nd century AD, it’s built into three sides of the hillside, seats around 6000 people and is still used for performances today.

Then, of course there’s the Citadel, which provides stunning views of downtown Amman. Things not to miss here include the Temple of Hercules, the Byzantine Church, the National Archaeological Museum and the Umayyad Palace – a restored eight-century governor’s residence that dominates Amman’s hilltop citadel.

Auckland, New Zealand 

Every other year the Auckland Arts Festival takes over the month of March, with a myriad of cultural events taking place all over the city. They’ll be art shows, concerts, Maori performances – something to whet everyone’s art appetite. This year (2020) the festival runs from March 11th to 29th, but if art’s not your thing there’s still lots to see and do in New Zealand’s largest city.

Visit Auckland Museum to see the world’s biggest collection of Maori treasures, head up the sky tower for dinner in its revolving restaurant, or check out trippy art at Sculptureum. If you’ve got good weather (the average temperature in March is a comfy 19 degrees) then make the most of the region’s natural beauty. You can take in amazing views of the city by hiking up one of Auckland’s 48 volcanic cones, explore some of the city’s walking tracks or head out to one of the region’s beautiful black sand beaches. 

Cape Town, South Africa

Goldilocks would love Cape Town in March as it’s not too hot, not too wet and not too windy. Temperatures in the mid 20s greet visitors this month, making it a good destination in March for sun. 

March is a particular good month for music and sports lovers to visit Cape Town as there’s several sporting events such as marathons and cycle tours as well as open air music shows and the city’s jazz and dance music festivals.

As March is shoulder season for South Africa it can also mean that flights and accommodation are a little cheaper this month, but keep in mind that the big events may lead to travel issues as roads get shut and/or congested.  


For a unique cultural experience head to India for Holi, also known as the Festival of Colours. Celebrating the arrival of spring, this crazy event spans three days in March, which culminate is what is essentially a free-for-all colour fight. Hit the streets armed with colourful powders and throw them over everyone you see. Do not take part if you’re a clean freak, as you’ll end up looking like a unicorn puked a rainbow over you! 

Although the focus of Holi is in Northern India the fun festival has become so popular that many regional Holi events now take place all over the world. Why not look into whether there’s going to be some colourful fun near you?


Cherry blossoms japan spring

Japan tops our March vacation ideas for couples, as what can be more romantic than cherry blossom (sakura) season?!  In Japan this is a national – so much so that the news reports when and where the blooms are coming alive! The flowers first appear in the south of the country in late March, moving up to the north throughout April and into the start of May. 

Popular areas to see the cherry blossom in full bloom include Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka and Yoshino, but time your visit right and you’ll be able to see them at locations all across Japan. Japan Guide is a great website to follow the cherry blossom forecast with info on where the trees have bloomed and the best places to see them. Join the locals for a hanami – a blossom party, which is essentially a picnic under the trees where people gather in the day and evening for a drink with friends.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

March is a great time to visit Jamaica weather-wise with warm weather and little rain but this does mean it draws in the crowds. Still its white sands and blue skies mean it makes our March vacation ideas for couples list as well as being a great destination for some sunshine. 

If you’re not planning on complete beachside R&R there’s lots to do in Montego Bay from exploring the island’s history, rivers and caves to more exhilarating ziplining or river tubing adventures. 

New York City, USA

Keep that holiday feeling - View from the Rockerfeller Centre, NYC.

A March city break to New York is simply great, even if – similarly to the UK – it can still be quite wintery. Just be prepared to pack for a variety of weather, including snow! Still this month is a great time to visit the city as less tourists visit, making it more comfortable to explore the city as well as potentially a little cheaper. 

March is the perfect time to avoid the crowds when you visit tourist hot spots like Lady Liberty, Roosevelt Island and Central Park. There’s a lot going on this month too, including the Macy’s Flower Show, which this year (2020) has a marine theme, the Armory Show – and exhibition of model art – and the Flamenco Festival . Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there’s the St. Patrick’s Day parade. If you can’t make it to Ireland, I’d say this is the second best place to spend March 17th! 

If you’re planning to visit New York make sure you check out our guide to where to eat in New York City and find out about New York’s sweet side

Ontario, Canada

There’s nothing more iconic than Maple Syrup Season in Ontario (March – April), with maple leaf being synonymous with Canada. Throughout the province, there are countless local festivals and celebrations dedicated to the sugary and uniquely Canadian product. From maple drizzled waffles to smoky-maple ribs, maple craft beer to maple gelato, the Muskoka Maple Trail showcases some of Ontario greatest Maple delights and  Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm offers guided tours where you can try out taffy-on-snow (a sweet made from dripping liquid maple sugar directly onto snow) and Maple Creemee (pure maple ice-cream).

Ontario is one of our favourite spring holiday destinations  – if you don’t make it in March check it out in May as that’s when it hosts its spectacular tulip festival! 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan children play.
Children at play at the temple.

March is one of the best times to visit Sri Lanka as the weather is mainly dry and the temperature’s between the mid twenties and low thirties. The country’s an odd one in that it has two separate monsoon seasons though – one in the south west (April-Sept) and the other in the north east (Nov-March) – so it’s worth being aware that there may still be some rain if you’re in the northern regions. 

Sri Lanka’s a great destination for history, nature and wildlife and my list of the top five things to do in Sri Lanka includes a visit to the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, a trip to the rock fortress of Sigiriya and a safari in one of the country’s national parks. 

If you’re looking at where to stay in Sri Lanka I highlight recommend the Cinnamon Lodge in Habarana – especially if you’re a wildlife lover! This place is home to its very own troop of monkeys (friendly I might add) as well as a butterfly farm and you’ll see a myriad of local wildlife wandering around the vast grounds. Read my review to find out more…

Where to Go on Holiday in March

So there you have it – our guide to March’s best holiday destinations. If you have any questions regarding any of places we’ve covered, or you have another destination you think should make our March holiday hit list, then please get in touch by leaving a comment below.

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Where to go on holiday in March

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