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Where to Eat in Langkawi – Our Favourite Spots

As big lovers of Asian food, when we take one of our regular trips to SE Asia, finding the top spots to eat is high on our agenda. Sadly in my opinion Langkawi isn’t on par with the foodie paradise on Penang, but we did still find a couple of local gems. So fellow foodies, here’s our guide to where to eat in Langkawi…

Wonderland Food Store

A favourite for locals and tourists alike, Wonderland Food Store is renowned for always being busy, so if you don’t want to queue too long for a table then we recommend turning up early.

Easy to miss, the open-air restaurant is part of a ramshackle group of stores and restaurants along the side of one Kuah’s – Langkawi’s main town ­– major roads. Be careful though, a couple of other ‘Wonderlands’ have popped up in the area, attempting to gain some custom off the back of this successful restaurant!

where to eat in Langkawi, Malaysia | Ladies What Travel

With a focus on Chinese seafood, this is the place to go for lobster, king prawns, red snapper, crab, sea bass…the list goes on. Wonderland’s also well known for its amazing level of service. Even though it’s always jam-packed, once you’ve got a table you’ll be served quickly and with a smile. Servers are happy to offer advice and recommendations on which dishes to chose and with prices clear and good value, it’s easy to see why this is one of the best loved eateries on the island.

where to eat in Langkawi, Malaysia | Ladies What Travel

The night market

If you want tasty, cheap fare, then your best bet is a trip to Langkawi’s night market. This takes place every night of the week, but moves around different spots on the island. We went on several different occasions and found the same stall holders are pretty much always there, so there’ll be a good selection of dishes on offer whatever day you visit.

Vendors will cook up your dishes while you wait and there’s everything on offer from nasi goreng and nasi mee through to spicy fried chicken and lamb steak. You can eat well for just a few pounds , leaving cash to spare for a sweet treat. The smell of freshly made pancakes is likely to entice you, or perhaps your eye will catch the amazing spreads of multicoloured cakes – with chunky slices for sale that are simply too big for your mouth!

where to eat in Langkawi, Malaysia | Ladies What Travel

where to eat in Langkawi, Malaysia | Ladies What Travel


Teo was by far where we had the best food during our stay in Langkawi. This Chinese restaurant can be found in the island’s main town, Kuah, and every single thing we ate there tasted bloody amazing.

The strong flavours were amazing – to the point we couldn’t help but gorge ourselves on the stir-fried garlic beef, chicken hotpot and their amazing butter prawns.

This was a local delicacy we discovered – a plate of giant prawns cooked in butter then stir fried and served with this crispy, straw-like egg. Unbelievably more-ish, we even asked for seconds!

It’s a small, basic restaurant ­– as is the case across the island, so the service can be slow. However, I think the food was well worth the wait. Highly recommended!

where to eat in Langkawi, Malaysia | Ladies What Travel

where to eat in Langkawi, Malaysia | Ladies What Travel

Food courts in Langkawi – our tips

Finally, I wanted to mention food courts. From our experience food courts in Langkawi aren’t as commonplace, or as easy to find, as other parts of Malaysia. When we’ve managed to find them they were quite small and the choice is limited, but the food was still tasty and cheap.

Essentially I’m saying don’t rely on simply coming across one during a day out – we had to spend a little time searching online and then tracking them down.

Depending on where you’re based, if you’re a big fan of food courts then it’s worth looking into what’s nearby. As we were based in the Westin Resort & Spa in the south east of the island, we discovered that we had to travel a way towards Kuah in order to find the ones near us, and when we did find them, there wasn’t really that much there!

Where to eat in Langkawi

Langkawi is more relaxed and felt less tourist-focused than the other places I’ve visited in Malaysia, so don’t expect the same level of bustling food courts and choice of restaurants. Finding good food does take a little work, but if you prefer to get out and enjoy local dishes rather that stay in your resort, it’s worth taking the time to track down some of these top spots! 

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where to eat in Langkawi, Malaysia | Ladies What Travel

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