Looking for some travel inspiration to watch of an evening, or to listen to on the commute to work? There’s a lot of great travel content on iTunes and Youtube, but to save you some time, we’ve shortlisted four of the best travel podcasts and vlogs you might want to check out…

Go the Travel Podcast

Best travel podcasts and vlogs | Ladies What Travel

Host Alex Cwalinski, takes you to different places, introduces you to interesting sounds and offers a fresh perspective on familiar experiences. These episodes often include on-site interviews with locals, travellers and even tour guides. This highly produced travel podcast is very informative, so if you want to get an in-depth story from far away lands, check out Go the Travel Podcast.


Van Sounds

Best travel podcasts and vlogs | Ladies What Travel

Fil Corbitt is a true sound-smith. His short episodes are all quality over quantity; every sound is carefully crafted and finely tuned. His audio postcards, like his recent episode, ‘Cuzco, Peru,’ are a playful and inventive take on podcasting. Each episode will leave you wanting more. Listen here at Van Sounds.


Here Be Barr

Best travel podcasts and vlogs | Ladies What Travel

With over a million views and counting, Here Be Barr is a must watch for travel enthusiasts. Vlogger Jon Barr, shares his best travel stories and tips once a week. With videos like, “Condesa – Mexico City’s Version of Paris,” and, “Should You Travel to Cuba in 2017,” you’ll never run out of travel tips and ideas. Find him at Here Be Barr.


Living On A One Way

Best travel podcasts and vlogs | Ladies What Travel

Shayla Hoheisel is one of the most entertaining travel vloggers on Youtube. Her videos contain great anecdotes, insights and perspectives about her travel experiences. Shayla truly immerses herself in the local culture by staying in one destination for a month at a time. She releases videos like, “Never ship a package to Nicaragua,” and, “Burning Man Preparations,” every Wednesday. You can find her at Living On A One Way.


We’d love to hear about your favourite travel podcasts and vlogs – who do you enjoy listening to or watching, and why? Why not share your recommendations in the comment below?


Best travel podcasts and vlogs | Ladies What Travel



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22 thoughts on “Best Travel Podcasts and Vlogs 2017

  1. Cool post. I’m not really a vlog person but I enjoy podcasts. Having a look at these now as we have some long journeys coming up. Thanks for joining #farawayfiles

  2. Oooh this is great. I’ve become addicted to podcasts as my regular listening during workouts instead of music. Now I can expand with some great travel podcasts. Thanks!

  3. I also love a good podcast – so am definitely queueing these up on my listening list! Thanks for sharing with #FarawayFiles, cheers from #Copenhagen, Erin

  4. Such a unique post! I listen to a lot of sports podcasts but never thought to search travel. Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday, hope to see you again this weekend! xo

  5. How inspiring to have some quality vloggers out there reporting on travels. Podcasts haven’t been on my radar as yet, but these look like a great start. thanks for coming to fly away friday! Hope to see you this week 🙂

    1. i’ve considered getting into video, but for now the blog is keeping me busy enough lol! It’s great to see such interesting content out there though…

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