Space saving packing tips
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Travel packing tips – tricks to save you space

Space saving packing tips

Making sure you have everything you need, but not taking up too much space in your travel bag is a tricky affair, so we’ve put together a selection of travel packing tips to make life easier when it comes to loading up your luggage!

Make a list

This one seem a little obvious, but making a list of the essentials you need for your trip not only helps to stop you over packing and taking unnecessary items, but it ensures you don’t forget a thing.

Compress your clothes

You’d be surprised at just how quickly clothing can take up space inside your bag. Compressing your clothing and other soft items is a good way to increase your packing space, and the amount of clothes you can bring with you. Vacuum compression bags are a good way to do this, as are compression stuff sacks.
Get rolling!
Another common, but very useful space saving tip – roll your clothes! You’ll fit so much more in your bag this way, compared to simply folding them. It’s also a great way to reduce creases.

Packing tips compression bag

Ditch towels from home

Packing a towel from home is a huge no-no when it comes to travelling! Towels are extremely bulky and take up a lot of packing space, and after only a few uses you’ll probably start to notice an unpleasant damp odour! Not ideal when you’re travelling.
If you need to take your own towel, look into buying a special travel towel. These are designed to be more compact and lightweight than normal towels. They also dry quicker and are more absorbent; some even come with anti-bacterial treatment to prevent unpleasant odours and mould.

Wash your clothes

Limit the amount of clothing you pack by taking only a few essentials items and washing them during your trip. You can use travel detergents or fabric soap leaves to give them a good clean, and hang them out to dry using a special travel clothes line (don’t worry, you won’t need to pack any pegs!). You’ll find your clothes will dry in no time – especially if you’re travelling in hot climates.

Store items inside other items

Apply the concept of Russian dolls to your packing by storing smaller items inside other items. One popular space saving packing solution is to store socks or small bags of accessories inside your shoes. This will help keep them safe and save you some space in your bag.

Wear your bulky shoes & clothing

Some shoes can be pretty bulky, so try and wear these to the airport rather than packing them inside your bag, as this can save you a good amount of space. If you have any awkward-to-pack clothing, you should consider wearing this to the airport too – unless it would be impractical!

Use a smaller bag

If you don’t have an enormous packing space, you won’t be tempted to over pack and end up lugging excess items around with you…you’ll also avoid excess baggage charges! Using a smaller bag, you’ll be forced to adjust your packing style to suit the smaller space you have!

Pack in modules

Packing tips storage cube

Packing cubes are becoming more and more popular with travellers. These cases are great for keeping your luggage organised and help save you packing space. They are designed mainly for organisation purposes, but they do help you to make better use of your packing space, as they compress your clothes and accessories.


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  • Jade

    I’ve just had the extremely fun experience of attempting to pack my entire wardrobe into a suitcase for the big move to Oz. Obviously, with 30kg limit, it wasn’t succesful but these tips are pretty much what I followed to squish in the most! Great post! x

  • Keri

    That must have been a nightmare! :s Glad you liked the post and you agree the tops are useful though! I presume you’ve had the flight now, hope the travelling went ok! x

  • Ania

    I’ll be applying these for my upcoming work trip to Lisbon, especially as I’m staying on for the weekend… Loving those travel cube compartment thingies! Definitely worth investing in those at some point.

  • Monique@The Urban Mum

    I LOVE packing cubes; can’t leave home without them. Space savers and time savers. They are brilliant when you arrive at your destination because you can simply pop them in the drawers without having to unpack absolutely every item. x

  • Adella

    I always use from those bags for clothes where you can vacuum them with the vacuum cleaner. It’s so practical, but I must say it creates creases and for some clothes and fabrics this could be a complete nightmare!

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