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My Perfect Travel ‘Menu’

Being a big fan of both food and travelling, this month’s Travel Link Up was perfect for me. We’ve been asked if the world was a table, what would your metaphorical meal be? Well, read on to find out what destinations make up my perfect ‘travel meal’…

My Travel Starter – Paris


My starter has got to be Paris; I love this city and it’s so easy to get to for short breaks! Although I’ve only visited once, the chic and easy going French capital stole my heart as soon as I set foot on terra firma. I love that it’s so easy to see so many of the sights in a few days on the excellent Metro lines, while also getting a taste for the country’s laid back vibe sitting in a cafe sipping an exquisitely made coffee. I could very easily go back time and again, seeing the same sights over and over and I’m sure I’d never become bored of it. I would love to visit at different times of year to see the city in its different guises, I imagine dressed in its autumnal colours Paris becomes even more wonderful.

Paris is one of only two places in the world where I could quite easily uproot my life and move to – and on rubbish, rainy English days I have been known to check out Parisian property websites…just to see!

Laura, contributor at Ladies what travel
Having a sit down in the Eiffel Tower.

My Travel Main – Thailand

For my main I’m choosing Thailand. A country rich in culture and a fantastic place to unwind, my visit here was far too short to take everything in. I love the complete assault on the senses that Bangkok offered with its bustling streets and crazy drivers, and even though the military coup was still on while I was there, the capital city felt like it never slept.

In complete contrast to that were the Thai islands we visited, my favourite of which was Koh Lanta. A wonderfully tranquil slice of paradise found off the south of Thailand, this little island has no electricity for half of the day so you end up completely cut off from the rest of the world, sat in a hammock with a book – total bliss!

I travelled around Thailand for two weeks with some friends and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had – I loved every minute of it!

thailand | Ladies What Travel

My Travel Dessert – Iceland

For dessert, I would have to choose Iceland. I visited Reykjavik in March last year and have been longing to return ever since.

Full of intrigue, this is definitely one of the most interesting cities I have visited. I loved the laid-back vibe of hipster-esque cafes and bars that adorn most streets where you can warm up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, or people watch with an ice-cold beer!

Rekyjavik view from the top of the cathedral.
City view from the top of the cathedral.

My favourite thing about Iceland is that you can visit such stunning natural wonders like waterfalls and geothermal pools not too far away from the city (in Iceland’s terms anyway!), as well as exploring the capital itself. The landscape of this wonderfully interesting place looks otherworldly and surreal in the most beautiful way, and even though the scenery is sparse you never get bored of staring out of the window.

This fantastically unique and stoically beautiful country definitely left lasting impression on me, as well as a longing to go back. And I’m not alone, Lou is also a devout lover of Iceland, so much so that she got married there!

my perfect travel menu | Ladies What Travel

Laura works for a charity as a communications manager and uses as much of her holiday as possible to travel the world. She loves to go on European city breaks as well as longer trips further afield and is keen to see more of the USA and South East Asia...

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