Six must-read female travel bloggers

Everyone and their dog has a travel blog these days and they range from enchanting and useful to cluttered and bland, with everything else in between. That’s why guest blogger Cami Wilson has taken it upon herself to gather a few blogs together to help you in your search for some real must-reads…

I have to be honest and say that I am very new to blogging. Working at my last job, I spent a significant amount of time maintaining the social media content and blog material for a college website. It was the perfect student job – very flexible. But my blog was newsy and formal – my voice often choked by the high standards of the university.

So, with that in mind, I admire honest bloggers who have no qualms about openly exploring themselves and the world around them in a public blog. And I love that their honesty and personal voice is what makes their blogs shine. These excellent female travel bloggers have truly created something unique, and even when I don’t need help with travel ideas, I can’t stop reading their blogs.


Geraldine, The Everywhereist

1. The Everywhereist

Written and maintained by Geraldine, a hilarious and very honest blogger who follows her traveling and working husband, Rand, around the world. Every time I start reading one of her blog posts about travel tips, random musings or cupcakes, I can’t help but read it to the end. It’s just bursting with personality.

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Kristin Luna

2. Camels & Chocolate

Kristin Luna, a well-traveled adventure seeker, keeps up an award-winning, well-organized blog with travel stories from around the world. Kristin’s adventures with her husband, Scott, and small dog, Ella, continue to enchant the blogosphere. Search through old entries by destination, keep up with Kristin’s latest travels, or just join her for an all-around good read on travel.

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Jodi, from Legal Nomads.

3. Legal Nomads

Former lawyer and New Yorker Jodi originally took time off from lawyering in 2008 to explore the world. She fell in love with travel writing and never went back to practice law. Follow her story as she entertains her readers with beautiful pictures of her travels and fun safety tips for eating around the world.

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Candace from The Great Affair.

4. The Great Affair

Candace’s unique blog full of sketches and beautiful pictures of her travels adds an artistic twist to the travel blog. Her fun adventure stories are filled with inspirational quotes and her deep musings about life – definitely a must-read for the female adventurer.

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Young Adventuress Liz.

5.Young Adventuress

Liz, a young avid traveler, continues to entertain her readers with her adventure-seeking enthusiasm. She’s still in her twenties and has traveled through more than 30 different countries. Her Instagram photos are out-of-this-world beautiful.

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Carol Cain.

6. Girl Gone Travel

Carol Cain hauls her husband and their three boys around the world to bring her readers some fantastic news on family travel. Carol left her public relations career to publish her first blog, which quickly became a popular and award-winning travel site. Her new fun blog gives some great tips on food and family-friendly travel.

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So there you go - immerse yourself in the traveling tales of these wonderful women. Be careful though, you might just find yourself dreaming of quitting your nine-to-five  job and starting up a travel blog of your own…

Guest poster Cami Wilson writes curriculum and web content for Professional Marketing International. She is passionate about finding ways to improve quality of life. She enjoys running, cycling, hiking and kayaking.


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