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Why the TomTom Bandit is perfect for video beginners

I’m a bit of a ‘noob’ when it comes to making videos – I’m that embarrassing one that needs to be reminded to turn my iPhone on its side when I want to film something and rarely will you see a piece of my footage that isn’t at an angle or particularly wobbly. This is why I was super keen to try out the TomTom Bandit. Known as a great gadget for adventure loving adrenaline junkies, I wasn’t so much interested in its ability to take amazing action footage (which is does by the way), but rather I wanted to check out its nifty video editing features.

TomTom Bandit – making my first travel video

So, on my recent trip to Cambodia I set myself a mission ­– to create my first travel video that was good enough to share online. Now I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece, but I wanted to see if the TomTom Bandit was simple enough for me to get my head around as a total beginner.

When my Bandit arrived the first thing I noticed was its accessibility. You simply twist and pull out the battery stick to add a memory card or charge the camera via USB and it only take a minute to download the app to your phone and connect the camera via Wi-Fi. Within half an hour I was ready to go!Tom Tom Bandit review | Ladies What Travel


The next step was getting some decent footage. We tried out lots of different things during our travels through Phnom Penh and Siem Reap including slow mo and timelapse footage, plus there’s tonnes of different mounts you can get for this camera. Skiers, surfers and the like will probably love the wrist or helmet mounts and there’s also attachement for bikes etc, but for us it was the clip we found the most useful. We used this to secure the camera to the side of tuk tuks in order to get some fun city footage and then as we explored markets and temples, I would clip the camera to Justin’s backpack and set it going! I think the pole would also be a great tool for some different angles and is definitely something I’d take with me next time.

Tom Tom Bandit review | Ladies What Travel
Justin exploring the temples of Angor with the TomTom Bandit on his backpack.

Editing magic

In my world editing is magic: simply put I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. But with the Bandit, all the hard work whooshes away like a fairy godmother waving her wand, as it cuts down editing from hours to minutes!

Wanna know how? Well basically it uses built-in motion and GPS sensors to tag ‘exciting’ moments based on speed, acceleration and even heart rate, so those action shots are caught in all their glory. But, for this not-so-active travel blogger, I used the camera itself and the handy pocket-sized remote to choose my own highlight moments as we wandered around the temples etc.

Tom Tom Bandit remote | Ladies What Travel

It’s then just a case of opening the TomTom Bandit app on your phone and giving it a shake. This tells the app to create a ready to share video using the highlights you’ve tagged. You can then play around the edit, by adding or removing any clips and changing their length via the app to make your own finishing touches. It took me a little while to master this, but after some initial frustration I actually found the editing process really fun, a far cry from the chore I expected it to be.

Then, once I’d added the finish touch of some music, my first video was complete! I appreciate some of you may chuckle at my video skills but I was actually pretty chuffed with my first video film, so much so that I’m willing to share it with you here – do tell me what you think!

The TomTom Bandit – what I thought

So although the TomTom Bandit may appear marketed to YouTube experts who’ve spent years honing their action footage skills, this camera also has a hell of a lot to offer beginners. Given more time with the kit I reckon my skills would have come on in leaps and bounds, but I reckon for just two weeks I didn’t do too bad.

The Bandit’s got a lot going for it – I’ve put out some of my highlights below, but there’s only one thing I disliked, which was that it has no screen. The only way you can see what you’re filming is through the app’s viewfinder, so I often found myself walking along behind Justin checking my phone to see if the camera was at the right angle (at first I did film a lot of his chin!). But this slight bugbear hasn’t put me off the idea of picking one up for our next big trip!

Tom Tom Bandit review | Ladies What Travel

My TomTom Bandit highlights

  • Shaking to edit – it’s gotta be the simplest and most fun way to make videos!
  • The Superspeed USB 3.0 removes the need for charging cables as you can charge and transfer footage directly.
  • Completely waterproof – I would have loved to take this scuba diving – I bet you’d get some amazing footage!
  • It can even take 4K footage.

The TomTom Bandit is available from £239.99 for the Adventure Pack and £279.99 for the Bike Pack. Find out more at

Tom Tom Bandit review | Ladies What Travel

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