Mos Eisley Spaceport can be found on the Island of Djerba in Tunisia.
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Star Wars filming locations – travel to a galaxy far, far away

Sci-fi fans take note! GoEuro and GetYourGuide have come together to create an infographic that ranks the locations used throughout the world for the Star Wars movies.

The geek in me got very excited when this dropped into my inbox, as one of the things I love to do on my travels is visit sites featured in the movies I love.

The top Star Wars sites and experiences

This infographic gives a round up of the top 31 Star Wars sites and experiences, scoring them on accessibility, accommodation and amenities (each worth 10 per cent), with the Strength of the Force (worth 70 per cent) used to work out the overall score, this rates how much a fan will ‘feel the presence of Star Wars’ at each location.

According to GoEuro and GetYourGuide, the top five Star Wars experiences are:

  1. Legoland
  2. Lars Homestead and Tatooine Desert Scenes, Tunisia
  3. Rancho Obi Wan, USA
  4. The exterior of Lars Homestead, Tunisia
  5. Madam Tussauds’ Star Wars Exhibits, United Kingdom and Germany

On the GoEuro website there’s a detailed breakdown of all the sites, with information on where you can find them, how to get there and what scenes (if any) they were used for in the movies. The list also includes sites featured in the upcoming Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and although no one officially knows what they will be used for, a group of Star Wars experts were called upon to provide their predictions.

Phang Nga Bay, Wikimedia Commons, Poco a poco, https___en.wikipedia.org_wiki_Ao_Phang_Nga_National_Park#_media_File_Isla_Tapu,_Phuket,_Tailandia,_2013-08-20,_DD_36
Phang Nga Bay, Thailand was used for the setting of Kashyyyk, home of the Wookies.

Having grown up on the original movies, I now want to plan a trip to Tunisia to visit ‘Tatooine’ and the original Lars homestead and I also discovered that without knowing I’d already visited sites used to film scenes on Naboo and Kashyyyk! One of the locations used in Episode I, The Phantom Menace, was the Plaza de Espana in Seville and in Episode III Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay was used as the setting for Kashyyyk.

Geeky, I know, but I love finding things like this – for example I dragged my friends off on a little adventure in New York just so I could stand outside the Ghostbuster’s HQ!

Keri outside the Ghostbusters HQ in New York City.
Keri outside the Ghostbusters HQ in New York City.

So, here’s the infographic in all its glory – have you been to any of these sites or might you plan a trip there now? Perhaps, like me, you love to visit movie sites on your travels? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Star Wars sites infographic

Image credits:

  1. Mos Eisley, via Imgur
  2. Phang Nga Bay, via Wikimedia Commons, Poco a poco
  3. Plaza de España, via Wikimedia Commons, Roberto Chamoso G

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