Tantalising teppanyaki

On a recent trip to London I arranged for my beloved and I to meet up for dinner with our friends in a teppanyaki restaurant, as he’d never had the experience before. For the uninitiated, teppanyaki is a form of Japanese cooking – everything’s basically cooked on one large iron hotplate in front of you. It’s something a little bit different from a normal meal out and can be really good fun as well as tasty.


Sen Nin Japanese Teppanyaki and Sushi Restaurant

We all met up at the Sen Nin Japanese Teppanyaki and Sushi Restaurant in Islington, my old university-era haunt. Seated in a semi-circle around the hotplate we were given menus and decided what to have. As prices are quite steep and we were a group of nine, we decided to go for set menus and ordered all four types of the Samurai Teppanyaki Meal so that we could each try the different meats: steak, chicken, minted lamb and salmon, cooked on the hotplate in front of us. Each meal also comes with vegetables, grilled or steamed rice and miso soup, and you’ll be surprised how filling it is.

Of course we also ordered starters. These are cooked out back and brought to you when ready, which means they don’t come out at the same time. We had hot edamame beans with sea salt (surprisingly more-ish), chicken yakitori and prawn tempura – all delicious, but one of our friend’s starters didn’t come out until we were all onto our mains!

Where the chefs are entertainers!

Once (most of) the starters are done with, out comes your chef and the fun really begins. It’s all about the atmosphere at Sen Nin and the chefs are great entertainers as well as cooks. There’s lots of juggling and throwing of ingredients and the embarrassing section where they try to chuck chunks of cooked egg into your mouth. None of us caught it but we did have a chuckle in the process. Throw in some fire action and it’s a pretty entertaining way to spend time while your food cooks.

Try it!Â

I’d recommend everyone try out teppanyaki sometime, but from my experiences I’ve found that it is quite overpriced. For this reason it’s a rare treat, a birthday night out or a gathering of friends who haven’t seen each other in over a year.

Sadly that night we didn’t get the best service – the aforementioned starter and ordering drinks were a nightmare, but we didn’t let it ruin the evening. The food was delicious, our chef was highly entertaining and I still think a teppanyaki dinner is a both fun and filling.

What are your thoughts on teppanyaki – does everyone enjoy it as much as me? Share your experiences by commenting below!

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