Prague old town square.
Czech Republic,  Europe

Have you seen Prague’s astronomical clock?

 Prague's astronomical clock
Prague’s astronomical clock.

If you visit the Czech Republic’s capital, one of the things you have to make time to visit is the Prague astronomical clock – also known as the Prague Orloj

It is the world’s third oldest astronomical clock and the oldest working example. I have to say it looks in pretty good shape for its age!

Found in Prague’s gorgeous old town square, I thought the clock was beautiful and so intricately designed. It first appeared 1410 and over the years different aspects were added to it, such as the calendar dial and the sculptures.

close up of Prague's astronomical clock
A close up of Prague’s astronomical clock.

The detail is immense and I particularly loved the ‘Walk of the Aspostles’, a clockwork display of moving figures including the Apostles and also a creepy skeleton.

Although there’s a lot of beauty to be seen, there is also quite a grim tale attached to the clock though the story goes that the people believed the clock to be so beautiful that they blinded the designer who made it. This was because they didn’t want him to make anything as pretty ever again. Slightly morbid don’t you think? Supposedly in response the clock maker broke the clock, and it took 100 years to fix it!

Half way up the Prague clock tower
View from half way up the tower.

Climbing the clock tower

You’re actually able to climb the tower, so of course we had to go up and have a look around. Rather than stairs it’s one big ramp, and after much ‘argie bargie’ with other tourists that were queue jumping (grr arg!) and some random Chinese people in wedding dresses having their photos taken (can anyone explain that to me?!) we managed to make it to the walkway around the tower.

Although the short journey was pretty stressful, it was worth it as the views were stunning! We had such a lovely clear day that we could see for miles!

A view from the top of Prague's clock tower
A view from the top of Prague’s clock tower- beautiful!

Have you been to Prague and seen the astronomical clock? What did you think of it?

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