Top ten crazy UK traditions and events

I’ve come across some weird and wonderful events that take place every year in the UK. Many involve food and they’re all pretty insane. Check out these bad boys…

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Beginners’ photography class with Captured Light Images [review]

We tried out a photography class in Bath!

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Stay healthy while travelling: some tips

To make sure you get the most of your break, here’s our list of easy ways for you to stay healthy while travelling.

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Why I love being a biker

There are so many things that I love about being a biker. I love how free I feel on my motorbike: free from distraction, free…

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A lovely London day trip!

We went on a lovely London day trip, visiting Westminster Abbey and the Imperial War Museum.

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Tantalising teppanyaki

On a recent trip to London I arranged for my beloved and I to meet up for dinner with our friends in a teppanyaki restaurant,…

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Crazy karaoke

I love music and love to sing, but usually on my own rather than in front of an audience. When I’m doing the housework I’ll…

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