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Packing for a weekend trip


As you may well know, we love our short breaks. Whether that’s to the local countryside or a more exotic location. Weekend breaks allow us to relax and unwind from life’s normal stresses, but it also affords us the opportunity to take part in some adventures which we cannot do at home. This could take the form of extreme sports, hill walking or mountain climbing.


Of course, not all of us want to take part in these activities and everybody has their own pastimes which they like to do. What many of us seem to do on our weekend trips though is to forget something that is essential to the journey. Sometimes it could be a small item and other times it could be something much larger. We tend to forget for many reasons, maybe due to the rushed nature of planning or a simple oversight due to it only seeming like a small item at the time and a host of other reasons.


Here we’ve put together some examples of short breaks, to which we’ve added what we consider to be some essential items which should be brought for these trips! 




So, you’ve decided a nice scenic break is what you are looking for. Perhaps it is an opportunity to educate yourself or to immerse yourself in a new culture. A perfect trip to lighten your mood and learn a thing or two. For this trip a camera, fanny pack and some comfortable outdoor clothing is essential. You want to be prepared for every picture opportunity, have your valuables close by and have some comfortable shoes so you can enjoy a leisurely stroll. These are getting quite a fashion statement now too we hear, with paparazzi recently showing Brooklyn Beckham to be a big fan! 😉


Seaside visit


What to bring to the seaside all depends on the time of year. If its winter, then see the above suggestions. But for those attending during summer, a towel, strong sun block and a good book are what we always aim to bring along. Sun cream is the most important – it saves you getting burnt in the short term and allows you to work on your tan and it is extremely beneficial in the long term. Ensure it’s the correct strength, and a good brand.


Camping break


For those who are most definitely escaping to the country. Camping can be fun and taxing so it’s only for those with experience or a strong passion for what they plan on doing. A tent, walking shoes and a good route are very important – you want to make sure that the path is safe, you have the right gear to last for the length of your stay and that you will be comfortable.


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