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Discover New York’s Sweet Side

Eating in New York is an experience in itself; and one I was very excited to have. I’d heard the stories people had recounted to me about the portion sizes and how everything was wickedly sweet, but if anything, this made me even more determined to have the biggest and most calorific thing I could find.

One of the spots my friend and I decided was a must see was the Cupcake ATM at Sprinkles cupcake shop. After following Google Maps most of the way up Lexington Avenue, we came across a big pink hole in the wall, complete with a very pleasing font pairing…

Sprinkles ATM
I loved the Sprinkles cupcake ATM!

I got my credit card ready and followed the options then I was presented with several different cupcakes to choose from. I plumped for a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a marshmallow filling and after a few seconds the shutter to the right of the screen started to move and a box was presented to me!

Sprinkles box

Sprinkles cupcake
My Sprinkles cupcake.

Each cupcake is $4.50 which, I admit, is expensive for what you get – but hey, you’re in New York! It’s worth it for the photo! Be careful though, the ATM is on a busy street and I’m pretty sure we annoyed a lot of locals by getting in their way trying to take photos!

Dylan’s Candy Bar

The next stop on our unexpected sugar trail through New York was Dylan’s Candy Bar, which we stumbled upon on our way back from Sprinkles. Dylan’s Candy Bar is a two-story, candy-coloured, saccharin-sweet assault on the senses, but in the best possible way! There are sweets everywhere (even the walls and floor) in every flavour and shape imaginable. We spent about two hours in here because you could walk round for ages and spot something different every time!

Dylan's Candy Bar stairs

Dylan's Candy Bar lollypops
The interior of Dylan’s Candy Bar is insane in the best way!

I bought a lot of gifts for people in here, my favourites being pizza and bacon flavoured chocolate bars (both of which were suitably odd I was told!). But this extraordinary shop not only sells sweets and chocolate, but clothes, pyjamas, games, kitchenware, gifts – all with a sweet theme of course. The candy dressing gowns were my favourite!

Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan's Candy Bar dressing gown
I really wanted one of these dressing gowns!

The thing I loved most about this store though was the whole wall of small plastic containers all holding various sweets, each with a photo of a celebrity on the lid next to their signature. Each celeb had chosen their favourite candy and signed the box, so you could find out who liked the same as you!

Dylan's Candy Bar
Richard Gere’s sweets were popular!

M&M World

The final stop on our quest for sugar was the enormous M&M World in Times Square. This store comprises 25,000 square feet of rainbow coloured sweets, merchandise and gifts and was the busiest place we went in the whole of New York City – and we’d just come from Times Square!

M&M World sign

It was quite a change from the last sweet shop we’d just been in. We didn’t stay long, there were far too many people for my liking. But I loved the walls of M&Ms, and you could get every wonderful flavour you could think of, like pumpkin, caramel and pretzel!

Wall of M&Ms
A whole wall of M&Ms!

I would definitely go back to New York just for the food! Have you ever been to one of these New York sweet spots, or do you have any recommendations for others like them?

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Laura works for a charity as a communications manager and uses as much of her holiday as possible to travel the world. She loves to go on European city breaks as well as longer trips further afield and is keen to see more of the USA and South East Asia...


  • Katy

    I’ve been wanting to go to Dylan’s candy bar forever! I love New York and now I have more reasons to visit. Thanks for the sprinkly cupcake candy goodness on #FarawayFiles

  • Katherine

    I am pinning the hell out of this post. I can’t believe I went to New York and didn’t find the cupcake ATM! Although it was a couple of years ago. Sweets are my best friend (well, after my boyfriend I guess), this is awesome! It’s 10am in California and all I want is a cupcake now 😉 #FarawayFiles

  • Ruth

    There are so many sweet spots in New York! I went crazy last time I visited. I went to a restaurant called Max Brenner where they serve all things chocolate (pizza, milkshakes, foundue, waffles, ice cream, etc.). #FarawayFiles

  • Clare (Suitcases and Sandcastles)

    That sweet shop is insane! I’d love to go just to take loads of photos of all the lollies and sweets. My kids would be on a sugar high for the rest of their lives… So tell me, I’ve heard about these cupcake ATMs but are the cupcakes any good? Do they taste any better than normal cupcakes or is it more of a gimmicky thing do you think? #FarawayFiles

  • Hilary

    We have a Sprinkles ATM here in LA, and it’s such a fun spot! In fact all of these look like fun spots! Thank you for sharing on #farawayfiles

  • Sara

    Oh the M&M Store. That got us on our first anniversary trip. We were stopping in and bought some blue M&Ms. They ended up being $20 and my husband said no more dessert after that, lol. SIGHHHHHHHH. The cupcake ATM cracks me up. I’m never entirely sure what to think about that… and I have so many questions about whether it would be good or not, lol.

  • Sarah

    Oooh I just got back from NYC last week and I wish I had heard of Dylan’s Candy Bar before I went! The Sprinkles ATM is definitely cool, though, I went to it a few times in Chicago and it’s just so fun!

  • Janine Good

    Looks Marvelous! I too would love one of those robes! I have been to NYC and didn’t see that cupcake ATM. An excuse to go back! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday! See you this Friday! 🙂

  • Kana

    Love this post since I have a major sweet tooth! Going to Dylan’s Candy Store was SO much fun for me! Sprinkles originated here in LA so I’m kind of used to seeing them around (and eating too many probably, ha!) but Dylan’s is my favorite! It’s so cute inside, too! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday, hope to see you again this week! xo

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