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Cruising the Med aboard the MSC Splendida for #MSCBlogCruise

We’re very excited that this weekend we’ll be packing our bags and jetting off to Rome to board the MSC Splendida and take part in their #MSCBlogCruise event. The three-day cruise will see us sail from Rome to Barcelona – with stops in Genoa and Marseille – in the company of some of the best travel bloggers in the UK.

I must say that I’m rather intrigued by the concept of sailing on a large cruise vessel. I love travelling overland, by car or by train, and I’m not the hugest fan of flying, but I’ve never really travelled by boat other than on short hops such as the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau or catching a RIB between the Scilly Islands.

MSC Splendida MSCBlogCruise

I’m rather guilty of assuming that cruises are best suited to families, retirees or honeymooning couples so I’m really interested to see whether my preconceptions will be dispelled. Certainly, the huge range of facilities and entertainment options on-board look impressive and I’m looking forward to finding out whether a cruise will be added to my list of holiday options after the trip.

What we’ll be getting up to

During our three-night trip, we’ll be getting a taste of all of the facilities aboard the MSC Splendida as well as heading ashore for some excursions along the way.

MSC Cruises Barcelona Genoa Marseilles
Marseille, Genoa and Barcelona – the ports of call during our trip.

We’ll be relaxing in the spa, taking a dip in one of the four pools, taking in a show at the on-board theatre, watching a movie in the 4D cinema and pretending to be Mark Webber on the F1 Simulator (or perhaps that’ll just be me…).

We’ll have plenty of options foodwise – the ship has four restaurants that serve a wide variety of foods including Tex-Mex and Italian.

We’ll also hop off the boat for some excursions around the highlights of Marseille and Genoa. Phew!

Who’s taking part?

While on the trip, I’ll be covering all the action for Ladies what… while Keri will be reporting on behalf of Travel With A Mate. We’ll also be joined by Go See Write’s Michael Hodson, Sophie Collard from Sophie on Track, Ian Mallory from Mallory On Travel and Selena Jones from Oh The Places We Will Go. It’s a diverse group of writers, all with very different interests and backgrounds, and we’re looking forward to meeting them and seeing what they think of the trip.

MSC Splendida MSCBlogCruise

Follow our adventures

It’s really easy to keep up to date with what’s happening on the tour -all of us will be tweeting away and making sure we take lots of photos. To find out what we’re up to:

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