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Mort Subite: Discovering ‘Sudden Death’ in Brussels

a la Mort SubiteWant to enjoy a delicious fruit beer in a vintage bar come café in Brussels? Then look no further than Mort Subite.

As someone who’s never enjoyed the taste of beer, I did feel I was missing out on something special during our trip to Brussels, as Emma and our other halves regularly enjoyed trying out some of the many craft beers Belgium has to offer.

Belgian lambic beer

I found my fun in looking out for quirky named beers for them to try, and so I was quite excited on the train into Brussels when speaking to a local I discovered there’s a Belgian beer which is named after a vintage bar in the city entitled ‘Sudden Death’: Mort Subite.

The story behind Mort Subite

The lovely gentleman explained the story behind the name. In Belgium the term Mort Subite also refers to the end of a game – i.e. the final throw of the dice. It is said that the bar’s name came to be due to its proximity to a bank, Employees would head over to the bar to play cards during their breaks and when it was time to head back, ‘sudden death’ would come into play in order to decide who would be named the winner.

Raspberry Mort Subite.
My first ever raspberry Mort Subite.

Fruity beer!

As someone with quite a sweet tooth when it comes to drinks (I did enjoy many a hot chocolate during my stay in Belgium!), I was became even more excited to discover that Mort Subite beers come in both cherry and raspberry flavour, and so I decided that if I was going to try any Belgian beer it’d have to be one of these!

Visiting À La Mort Subite

Although the brand is widely available across Belgium, we thought we’d go for it in style and so headed to À La Mort Subite, which is in the centre of the city. What we found was a wonderful vintage bar/café, with and old-fashioned interior full of wood, mirrors and wrought-iron poles and  banisters and a wonderful, bustling atmosphere. Although the service was quite slow (to be fair the place was packed – and those wooden tables are really squeezed in!), when my beer came it was worth the wait!

We settled in to rest and take in the ambiance, and so thought we’d also try something out from their light snack menu while we were there.

Our view from upstairs at A la Mort Subite
Our view from upstairs at A la Mort Subite
A la Mort Subite sandwich
It’s make your own sandwiches here!

DIY sandwiches

When our sandwiches finally arrived we did have a chuckle, as on our plate was a chunk of pate or some slices of ham, a little butter sachet and one large piece of bread – it appears at À La Mort Subite, sandwiches are DIY! But even though we had to make them ourselves, both the bread and fillings were very tasty, so it was a very enjoyable snack.

 My thoughts on À La Mort Subite

In my opinion you don’t come to À La Mort Subite for the service, you come for the experience and a chance to take in a little bit of Brussels’ history. Its renowned for being busy – crammed with both locals and visitors alike, and during our stay we managed to grab the last free table, which luckily gave us a wonderful view down and across the bar. We spent a good hour here at least, with me sipping my newly discovered drink of choice and people watching. It’s a wonderful way to while away some time in Brussels and a great place to sample a wide selection of lambic Belgian Beers (just in case you’re crazy enough to not love raspberry beer!).

Have you discovered and fallen in love with a new drink during your travels. Let us know you’re weird and wonderful discoveries in the comments below!

A la Mort Subite
Downstairs at A la Mort Subite.


By day Co-Editor Keri is a freelance journalist and copywriter, but spends most of her free time either travelling or planning her next trip!  A complete travel fanatic, she has a love of tropical climates, wildlife and afternoon tea (hence the creation of her Global Afternoon Tea Challenge!)


  • Ania

    I’d like to go there, although would be more inclined to go for a more traditional beer. Wonder if they do a DIY cheese sarnie??

  • Keri

    There’s a wide selection of Belgian beers there Ania, you’d be spoilt for choice! I reckon you could get a DIY veggie sarnie for sure lol! Have you visited Belgium before? x

    • Ania

      I’ve been to Brussels, but it was with work in 2001 or 2002. Maybe it’s time for another visit there and/or Bruges 🙂

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