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Review: Alldaywifi Mobile Wi-Fi in Turkey [Plus Discount Code!]

When travelling in Europe it’s often quite easy to continue using your phone as normal thanks to the recent cap that came in on roaming charges. However, when planning our trip to Turkey recently we discovered that it’d cost us quite a lot of money to turn on our data roaming in the country – with my provider O2, we’d be charged £2 a minute to make and receive calls, 50p to send a text, and data cost £7.20 per MB! As we were going on a road trip and would be heading to quite a few remote destinations we wanted to make sure we were always connected, both to use Google Maps on the road and keep in touch with our family back home. So we began looking into our options for mobile wi-fi in Turkey and came across Alldaywifi, a company that provides mobile Internet to travellers in Turkey.

What is Alldaywifi?

Alldaywifi was started by three young entrepreneurs who wanted to offer a simple, straightforward Wi-Fi service that didn’t entail swapping sim cards or dealing with activation codes. With this in mind the company offers pocket Wi-Fi – mobile wireless routers that are small enough to pop in your pocket.

You rent the kit on a daily basis – the minimum rental is for three days and prices are in US dollars. The lowest fee is $26 and then the price per day lowers for every extra day up to a week. Anything longer than this is charged at $6 a day. For our 10 day rental the charge worked out at approximately $80, which included delivery and collection.

Customers can either pick up their kit at the Ataturk or Sabiha Gokcen International Airports in Instanbul for free or have it delivered to their hotel anywhere in Turkey for a fee of up to $15. We had ours delivered to our first hotel in Antalya, and it was there waiting for us on arrival. The manager said it had arrived a few days previously!

The Alldaywifi kit is made up of a mobile Wi-Fi router, extra battery, USB cable, user manual, USB wall plug and a plastic return package. Simply turn it on, pop the Wi-Fi password onto your device and you’re good to go. Up to 10 devices can be connected to the router at any one time and Alldaywifi says that when fully charged the battery should last around 5 – 6 hours.

You can use the Alldaywifi router anywhere in Turkey that has a phone signal – the company says that as long as you’re not too far from the coast you can even use it on a cruise. Then, when you’re done, you just put the kit in the plastic bag provided and leave it at reception. You just email the team to let them know this is done and they’ll arrange the pick up. Simples!

Alldaywifi review mobile wifi in Turkey

How we used it

We spent 10 days travelling alongside the Lycian Way in South East Turkey, driving between Antalya, Beycik, Çıralı, Adrasan, Hoyran and Simena. This took us from coastal resorts through to small villages in the mountains but the Alldaywifi router worked almost perfectly throughout our trip.

We’d turn it off at bedtime and leave it to charge overnight, then in the morning we’d pop it in our backpack and take it with us on our daily adventures. Whether we were in the car driving along the D400, up in the mountains or exploring a remote ruin, we were able to use our phones to text and call via WhatsApp, search for information online and use apps like Google Maps and Instagram. Justin was able to sit by the pool and play his online mobile games on our chill days and we were even able to call the kids and my mum via WhatsApp when we were staying in our tiny mountainside hotels.

The only time we struggled was when we tried to use it inside our room at Hoyran Wedre Country Houses. Staying in an old farmhouse with very thick stone walls, the router struggled a little and the connection did feel slow, but it was no worse than our patchy signal at home, where the thick walls of our old house affect our Wi-Fi too. However the problem was easily resolved – all we needed to do is go out onto our patio with the router and problem solved!

Alldaywifi review mobile wifi in Turkey

What we thought

I have very few bad things to say about the Alldaywifi router, it worked really well for the entirety of our trip and we were able to do everything we wanted and needed, wherever we were in Turkey.

Not only were we impressed with the technology, we also loved the service as it was just so simple to use. The device was ready for us at the first hotel and we simply left it with one of the owners at the last hotel to be picked up later than day. The customer service was always lovely too – the team were happy to field any questions you had for them and made you feel like a valued customer.

At first I didn’t think the cost was the cheapest, but actually is does work out to be good value – depending on how much you want to access the Wi-Fi. Perhaps if you’re just looking to call home once or twice this isn’t worth getting, but if you like to stay connected when you travel, via Whatsapp, email or social media, then this is a pretty good deal.

If we’d used data roaming on both our phones for the 10 days we were in Turkey it would have cost us around £100. So, by using Alldaywifi, we saved ourselves roughly £40.

Alldaywifi – Pros

  • Connection can be shared by up to 10 devices
  • Works well almost anywhere
  • You don’t have to buy and change over sim cards to use your phone

Alldaywifi – Cons

  • Signal may be weaker if you stay in an old building with thick stone walls.
  • You may need to be closer to the router than the claimed 10 metres.
  • If you wish to have the kit delivered and collected outside Instanbul it’s more expensive.


Alldaywifi review mobile wifi in Turkey

Reader offer – Alldaywifi discount code!

I’d highly recommend Alldaywifi if you’re looking for a mobile Internet provider while travelling in Turkey – so much so, that in conjunction with the company we’re offering all our readers 10% off a rental.

To get your discount, simply enter the code LWT when you make your reservation on their website If you try it out for yourself, we’d love to hear what you think!

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We were provided with an Alldaywifi kit for review purposes. However, as always, all opinions are our own!



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  • Calz

    Also how is the internet connectivity in Instanbul cause I need the internet to remain online. A friend of mine recommended rentnconnect and Skyroam pocket WiFis let me know if anyone has had an experience with the two companies


    Also how is the internet connectivity in Instanbul cause I need the internet to remain online. A friend of mine recommended rent n connect and Skyroam pocket WiFis let me know if anyone has had an experience with the two companies

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