A Trip to New York City: Maximizing Your Visit to Big Apple

New York City has been a part of American culture, media, and business, more than any other city, including the capital, Washington DC. In fact, it would not be wrong to call NYC the commercial capital of the States. In terms of population as well, NYC is the largest metropolis the country (8,601,186) and has been so for decades now.

As should be expected from any large and populated city in the world, NYC also is unique in its ways. Now, given that you are reading this, it is likely that you are not a resident yet and, therefore, you could perhaps use a bit of the information that we are going to share next, to maximize your visit to the Big Apple.

Don’t Blow Your Budget On a Big Five Star Hotel

It is possible that it doesn’t matter to the person reading this, but the considerations to make here are not only of financial nature, although for most of us, managing a budget is a big part of the trip as well.

Instead of staying in a big luxurious, five-star hotel with exorbitant rates, try staying in a boutique hotel at a more affordable cost, but with better service and a totally unique experience. Upcoming visitors can find and book their boutique hotel rooms easily from the 7Boutique Hotels website.

7Boutique Hotels is more than just another place to find good hotels because they only list the top boutique hotels in any of the listed locations, as well as providing free guidance on what the best options are for each situation, season or region.

In case you are the kind of person who only stays in the most reputed hotels in an area and has never even tried a boutique hotel before, it is almost guaranteed that such establishments will be a lovely surprise.

Boutique hotels offer a break from the boring, sameness shared by almost every hotel room. Sometimes, every room in a boutique hotel stands in stark contrast to one another.

As far as service is concerned, guests are often shocked to find that a boutique hotel with a dedicated staff can provide better service than a top-notch hotel, due to the simple fact that they only have a few rooms and keep it that way to preserve the boutique experience for their guests.

Avoid Empty Subway Cars

Subways are the fastest route to get around within the city, so they are almost always buzzing with commuters. As it happens, one should never act like a tourist on the New York subway and know better than to move slow. Hundreds of residents are probably trying to get past you, which they will, in one way or another!

Keeping the pushing and shoving aside, any new visitors should also watch out for empty subway cars because a completely empty or very sparsely populated NYC subway car is a sign that there’s probably a reason why people are avoiding it.

Walking is a Big Part of Enjoying NYC: Beware the Winter!

Not that there aren’t any colder cities in the US, of course, because Alaska is part of the country after all. However, New York can be deceptive to newcomers because they often do not realize the fact that it can get extremely cold here and rain at the same time!

Combine that with the fact that a lot of walking is usually involved in order to enjoy the nooks and crannies of the city, anyone visiting NYC in late fall or winter should come prepared with appropriate clothing.

Of course, you can always buy your jackets and hats after you get to the city, but we are talking about the costliest city in all of the United States, so buying winter clothes for the whole family may just break your budget, and then some!

Food isn’t Always Expensive

If you can avoid the lure of multiple Michelin Star cuisines, or just keep them to a minimum, not only will you be able to save a ton of money but you will actually enjoy a more diverse range of food options in the smaller establishments and even on the streets.

Prepare to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to do and see in New York City, so the last piece of advice would be not to try and experience it all in one visit. You can always come back, but you can’t enjoy any of it if you are in a constant panic to see the next thing. When you are in New York City, it isn’t as much about quantity or quality because there’s plenty of both! The trip is all about maximizing your stay and visit experience.

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