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My Love Letter to the Northern Lights – February 2018 #TravelLinkUp

As a child I’d see you shimmering on the TV and wonder if your magical display was actual real or just a special effect. Now 40 years old, I’ve still only ever seen you on a screen, but that’s still enough for me to be smitten.

Over the years I’ve seen you on blog posts, in movies, Facebook and Insta feeds, but as someone living in UK you’ve always been just out of my reach. I was jealous that on a rare day some lucky bugger in Scotland might see you for real, but living down in the south I knew I’d never get to see you from my own back garden.

I’ve been close to where you visit – I’ve been to Scandinavia, but in the summer, and when I took a winter tour across Canada you were tantalisingly close but still just out of sight.

But this is the year I hope to see you with my own eyes. I’ve been making plans, researching where you’re most likely to be. Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland? Each of these countries sound amazing, and eventually I will visit them all. However, the decision was made for me one grey January day when an amazing deal popped into my inbox. 

And so I’m now preparing for the big trip – my first chance to see you for real. I’m heading to Akureyri, in Northern Iceland. I’d been veering towards coming to Tromso, or heading even further north to the Sami homelands in Finland. Instead I’m heading to a place I’d never heard of before 2019 and you know what, I’m SO excited.

I love discovering new places and Akureyri sounds like it will be amazing. There’s the chance to go whale watching, husky sledging, ice fishing or even have a beer bath (what?!). Plus I can’t wait to go out and explore its amazing wild landscapes. I can’t stop Googling images of the waterfalls and thermal pools I’ll be visiting in just a few weeks. I’m driving Justin insane. 

You’re the one that inspired this trip though and I really hope I’ll get to see you. I land in the afternoon and have a trip booked to go searching for you that very first night. I’m nervous though. I know you can be shy and I’ve sadly discovered that Akureyri is usually very cloudy in February. 

Still I’ll stay positive and hope you’ll honour me with a show. Either way I have an amazing trip ahead of me and if I’m not lucky enough to see you this time, well maybe I’ll try again next year!

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Inlinkz Link Party

By day Co-Editor Keri is a freelance journalist and copywriter, but spends most of her free time either travelling or planning her next trip!  A complete travel fanatic, she has a love of tropical climates, wildlife and afternoon tea (hence the creation of her Global Afternoon Tea Challenge!)


  • Ngaire Ackerley

    I saw the northern lights in Tromso, Norway – up towards Finland and the Artic Circle on a night trip. Timing can be everything and then the weather ruins it! Awesome sight to see though! Iceland I didn’t have much luck, but very happy I didn’t give up!

  • Sarah

    Love this! When I was in Reykjavik we drove out to the Golden Circle hunting for the Northern Lights. We stayed out til 4am and my eyes went blurry staring at the sky, thinking maybe we saw them? But maybe we didn’t? In the end we went back to our hostel cold and without really seeing the lights – we thought maybe we’d just seen a cloud with city lights reflected on it. So I am the same as you… ever looking out for an opportunity to see the elusive northern lights!

    • Keri

      lol, it’s definitely going to be an adventure I think! Im trying not to keep my hopes up, but as my OH says, if we don’t get to see them this time, then it’s an excuse to return!

  • Emma @ Adventures of a London Kiwi

    This is going to be incredible – just don’t wave any hankies at the lights (it’s an old Sami superstition!)

  • Lara Olivia

    The northern lights are also at the top of my bucket list of things I’ve never seen and places I’ve never been. For most of my 20s I wasn’t interested in that sort of thing. I was young and wanted to meet people on the beach in Rio or at a Full Moon party in Thailand, not camp in the middle of nowhere under the stars. Oh how life changes 🙂 I really hope you see them and that they are everything you imagined them to be! Fingers crossed x

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