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LWT Life Lately – March 2017

Keri, Louise & Laura talk life lately  – from winter trips to the seaside & time travelling to 1899 Paris through to going vegan & a new work commute!


My work’s gone from manic, to deathly quiet and then back to crazy busy over the last couple of months, always fun, but that’s the life of a freelancer! It has made it easier to fit it the several days off I’ve had of late however.

February saw multiple trips to London, firstly to see my old friend Ania and go for a historical behind the scenes tour of Somerset House (see above pic) and visit Churchill’s War Rooms – both equally interesting. For example, did you know that Churchill was a big fan of the onesie?

Trip two was over to St Thomas’ Hospital for my annual check up with my surgeon. I have an autoimmune condition that caused me to have extensive blood clots when I was younger and a few years ago I had stents fitted into several of my main veins to improve my walking ability and pain levels. Annual scans check for any further clotting, and the good news is results were positive and I’ve been given the green light for another year. If you’d like to find out more about my condition and how it affects my travels, then you may like to read my post Travelling with an invisible illness.


Moulin Rouge secret cinema | Ladies What Travel


The last London trip was the most amazing though, as I expected Secret Cinema for the first time, and was whisked away to Montmatre, Paris, circa 1899. Seriously one of the most amazing nights of my life I feel like I was really there, in the Moulin Rouge with Christian and Satine. For those that have never been, do it. You’ll have the most amazing night!

Finally, my most recent trip was to Ely, Cambridgeshire. You may have seen my review of Poets House on Monday, which is where we stayed, and next week I’ll be sharing my tips on what to do in Ely. It was an early birthday jaunt (I turned 39 this month, eurgh!) and a really enjoyable break!



The last month has been interesting for me, I’ve started another new job so it’s all go yet again. This time I’m working at a digital agency down in Brighton, one of my favourite cities in the world. It means that I get to pick up my comic books during my lunch hour and take snaps of the local street art or grab a delicious soy latte on my way in from the best coffee shop in town – the Flour Pot Bakery. Life is looking pretty good right now with new challenges and a great new bunch of colleagues too.



I also got the chance to stay at one of Brighton’s best boutique hotels, Artist’s Residence. A full review will follow but it’s safe to say, it’s one of the cosiest places I’ve ever stayed and their pancakes were to die for in the morning.



The other new addition to my life has been the fact that I’m now vegan. Woo! I’ve struggled with various allergies for a long time now and the easiest way it seemed to deal with each one was to make this transition. I’ve been doing it for over a month and I can honestly say that it’s been one of the best choices I’ve ever made, I feel so much better for it. The only problem is that when I eat out, it can be tricky but it’s a small price to pay to feel well again.



Other adventures these past few weeks have included a weekend in Manchester to go and see one of my favourite bands, Elbow at the Apollo, Valentine’s Day in Brighton at Casa Don Carlos – they do the most delicious tapas in Brighton, a weekend Adventure to Arundel, I met my bestie up in London’s Flat Iron Square for (more) incredible pancakes and I celebrated my mum’s birthday with the family at an authentic Thai restaurant back in my old hometown.




Time seems to be flying by this year, I feel like I blinked in January and suddenly we’re at the end of March! I have managed to fit in quite a bit in though. I made a trip to Norfolk in February to see my boyfriend and we visited Walsingham Abbey. At that time of year there is a beautiful snowdrop walk around the grounds of the abbey ruins, the entire woodland floor was white because there were so many of the tiny flowers in bloom, it was beautiful!

 Snowdrops | Ladies What Travel

On the same day we visited Wells-next-the-Sea and had a wander around the town and to the beach (and of course we had fish and chips!). Being from the Midlands, I barely ever got to see the sea as a child and as an adult I still get very excited whenever I get to go to the seaside! The fact this beach had pastel coloured beach huts made me even more excited!

Beach huts | Ladies What Travel 

My mum has set herself the challenge to do one thing she has never done before every month. March’s activity was to go in a helicopter and she brought me along too! It was only a very quick, five minute flight, but it was still exciting. My mum had the co-pilot’s seat and sat next to the pilot while I was in the back, but I still had a window seat. In true British style, the weather wasn’t fantastic and apparently we went through a storm (the pilot kept making sure my mum was ok, but she was loving it and kept taking pictures of everything!) so we didn’t see a great deal of the scenery, but it was still a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Laura and her mum | Ladies What Travel 

Finally, this week I was lucky enough to go to a launch at Fabio’s Gelato, an amazing little ice cream parlour in Hitchin, after my friend won a Facebook competition and took me and two other friends with her. The private event was to celebrate the launch of their ice cream rolls and we watched as the team created little pots of perfect ice cream curls in front of us. I chose peanut butter Oreos with Nutella and salted caramel sauce – divine!

Laura at Fabios | Ladies What Travel


  • Ania

    As always, it’s great to see what you’ve all been up to. I’m going through a bit of a life transition (leaving the company I’ve worked at since leaving college in 1998) so am in need of inspiration and new experiences; Laura’s mum’s idea of trying something new every month is something I might do!

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