Pizza tossing.

Learning to cook Italian

I’m always a sucker for fresh pasta or a freshly baked pizza, so I was in heaven when I discovered a new local company had started that would deliver delicious fresh Italian food to your door.

Avellino’s is run by chef Mikey, who decided he wanted to share his love of Italian food (thanks to growing up in his Italian grandparents’ kitchen) with the locals of Wiltshire.

More recently he decided to expand his cooking venture to not only offer Italian takeaway and delivery, but also host cookery classes.

For a bargain price of £30 per person, per course, we went along to two of his classes: fresh pasta and sauces and make your own stone baked pizzas.

fresh pasta
Rolling out our fresh pasta.

Not only were Mikey’s Italian cooking classes educational, we found them great fun as well as inspiring!

Held in the Avellino’s kitchen, the small classes of up to four people were relaxed affairs, filled with lots of laughter as we attempted to master dough, safe slicing and a rather large pizza oven!

Making our own fresh tortellini.

Make your own fresh pasta

On Avellino’s pasta and sauce course, Mikey taught us the basics of making fresh pasta dough and then we went hands on with a pasta machine, the results of which were some very tasty homemade linguine.

We also were shown how easy it is to make tortellini. With all the tasting, we already had full bellies halfway through the two hour course!

While the pasta was left to rest we turned our hands to making a fresh pasta sauce. With just a few pieces of fresh veg and a tin of tomatoes, we had made a tasty sauce for our pasta in ten minutes! The biggest tip I came away with was to add balsamic vinegar to a basic sauce as it really adds to the flavour.

Pizza spinning
Pizza spinning at our cooking class.

Making your own stone baked pizzas

Avellino’s pizza-making course somehow managed to be even more fun than the pasta – probably because it involved a kitchen full of amateurs attempting to spin their own pizza bases – messy!

Again a two-hour course, we walked away with four freshly baked pizzas each. We were shown how to make the dough, how to spin our pizzas (albeit badly), cover it in delicious toppings and then how to use a pizza stone to perfectly bake it.

We learnt so much from both classes and they were also fun evenings with friends. They’re great value for money as you’re also plied with free snacks (the arancini are seriously to die for) and wine, so if you live locally we’d definitely recommend you check a class out. However, if you prefer your food made for you, don’t forget that Avellinos offers great Italian food for take away and delivery.

To find out more about Avellino’s take away and delivery service, or its brilliant cookery classes, head to the Avellino’s website or the Avellino’s Facebook page. Here you’ll also hear about all the latest deals and classes.

Boun appetito!

Fresh pizzas
The fruits of our labour from the pizza making class.

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