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Enjoying German heritage at Herman Ze German

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I’ve got a little bit of a confession to make – whenever I plan trips away, I don’t often consider Germany. It’s a bit odd, as visiting the Black Forest or exploring cities such Berlin, Munich or Cologne are firmly on my travel to-do list. It’s just that I when I actually get round to picking a destination, I never actually choose one of those options.

So I was particularly excited when we were invited to the German Tourist Board’s recent #JoinGermanTradition blogger event in London to find out a bit more about the country and find out what I’ve been missing.

Traditional German gingerbread

Herman Ze German

Appropriately enough, the event was held at the Fitzrovia branch of German restaurant, Herman Ze German. They specialise in bringing the best of traditional German foods to London – from currywurst to schnitzel, they have it all. With sausages made in the Black Forest and a range of German beers and soft drinks, it’s a great place to sample high quality German produce at really rather good prices – currywurst and chips will set you back £5.95, and even the most expensive thing on the menu, the Schnitzel-Po-Sa with chips and salad is a very reasonable £9.95.

After arriving at the venue, we headed down to their cosy basement bar. Here, you can take a seat at the bench tables, complete with chequered table clothes and those squeezy sauce bottles you find at every market stall selling German food, and sample their house beer while waiting for your food to arrive.


And what lovely food it was. We’d ordered in advance, which was probably a very good thing – I was starving by the time I arrived and I would have happily ordered one of everything. I’d settled for an extremely tasty Chilliwurst, which is covered in curry-tomato sauce, with a side of cheezy frites.

Sampling German Beer at Herman Ze German

And, oh my word, they were amazing frites. I’m really fussy about chips but these were amazing – hot and crispy, lightly seasoned and covered with a generous amount of good-quality, tasty cheese.

Currywurst at Herman Ze GermanKeri’s not a fan of pork, so chose to have a Schnitzel, which she also really enjoyed. And she agrees with me about the amazingness of those chips!


In between all the eating and chatting (it’s always great to meet new blogging friends!), we also had plenty of time for the main reason for our visit – to learn more about the tourist board’s latest campaign. Germany is country rich in heritage and the #JoinGermanTradition campaign has been designed to highlight and promote this to visitors.

German Cuckoo Clock

Throughout the evening, the tourist board representatives gave us some of their own takes on German traditions – from Denise’s tales of German Green Sauce and Klaus’ facts about Currywurst to Victoria’s impressions of the beer-drinking culture after she went to Germany for a summer and never went home!

As someone who loves history and arts & crafts, it was a particularly interesting evening. I was flicking through the brochure on the train home compiling a fantasy trip to Germany that includes trying out some glassmaking in Bavaria, buying some handmade Christmas decorations from their original home in Lauscha, visiting Hessen open-air museum and photographing the beautiful hand-painted ornamental Easter eggs of Sorbs.

And that’s not to mention all the traditional foods and drinks that I’d need to test out on the way…


Many thanks to the German Tourist Board for inviting us to the #JoinGermanTradition event. There’s more information about Germany and the campaign atÂ

Co-editor Emma is LWT's resident history lover and fact nerd. She loves travelling overland - especially by train. Her trips tend to be planned around good food and a little bit of adventure.


    • Keri

      Indeed Emma! The food was really delicious and the company was great. In just a few hours we learnt so much about the countries different heritage crafts and I was surprised by how different the regions actually are!

  • Ania

    What a fun evening this sounds, complete with Bavarian-style dining! I really need to visit more of Germany – Munich is definitely on the list. Visiting my auntie near Frankfurt is always good but not the best way to get a real feel for German culture!

    • Keri

      I didn’t even know there was a restaurant like this in London Ania, it was really cool! As a veggie what’s it like for you dining-wise when you’re visiting your aunt? Is it easy to get to some of the other big cities from Frankfurt? Sounds like you should try and venture out a bit more on the next trip! x

      • Ania

        Dining in Germany isn’t too bad as there’s such a wide range of restaurants – even the traditional Bavarian places are OK for veggies, although it’s very cheese and carb-centric!!

        I really should try to combine a visit to auntie with seeing some other cities in Germany. This year, however, I’m going to visit Amsterdam and Maastricht first (to see friends and try a new Dutch city), then getting a train over to Frankfurt for a few days there 🙂

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