Pillow fight!
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International Pillow Fight Day

Ever heard of International Pillow Fight Day? Me neither, but on April 6th, when on my way into London to meet a friend, it suddenly started popping up on my Twitter feed.

I had to find out more, so as 3pm neared we made our way over to Trafalgar Square to see if anything was happening. As we made our way out of the underground we came face to face with a crowd of pillow-toting crazies!


pillow fight
The crowd roared as the clock chimed three..

It was absolutely ace. As the clock on St Martin in the Fields chimed three, the crowd of over a thousand people began to cheer and wave their pillows in the air and the carnage began!

People were running down the stairs into the middle of Trafalgar Square, where they joined the masses and began bashing the hell out of each other (playfully of course) with everything from feather down pillows to small sofa cushions. Some people really made an effort – dressing up, or down in their PJs and there were people of all ages having a chuckle and whacking the nearest friendly looking face!

Pillow fight!
Pillow fight!

I really enjoyed the families that came down to take part. One woman was, understandably, nervous about sending her small son into the crowd but when she spotted another little ‘un on the sidelines pointed and shouted ‘HIT HIM!’ and they began their own feathery battle on the sidelines. Comedy moment indeed.

Both the ground and the air were filled with feathers but the mess was totally worth it. I do love these crazy mass gatherings and it was such a great feeling to watch so many strangers having a total laugh.

Feathers everywhere!
Feathers everywhere!

This year, it seems International Pillow Fight Day was celebrated in over 100 cities across the world including Washington, Rome and, of course, London. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for news of 2014’s date as I plan to be there with pillows at the ready!

Head over to the Ladies What… Facebook page to check out more photos from the pillow fight, plus a video of the madness!

I wouldn't to clear that up!
I wouldn’t want to clear that up!

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