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How to Keep the Travel Vibe Alive While You’re Staying Home

You know that holiday feeling. The one where you’ve just come back from an unforgettable trip smugly telling everyone in sight where you’ve just been and how amazing it was. When you’ve still got those braids in your hair, still practically living in your patterned harem pants and smiling from ear-to-ear?

It’s exactly this feeling that we try to retain for as long as possible after every trip we take, and an important vibe to keep alive now, when our last trip feels like a lifetime ago and the world is essentially on lockdown to save lives from Coronavirus. 

Sure, we’ve had to cancel travel plans and can’t book any new trips for the foreseeable future, but there are ways to keep your travel vibe alive while self-isolating. Here are our ways of making ‘travel’ a part of your day-to-day life at home… 

Our ways of keeping that holiday feeling alive

Explore your everyday

Castle combe credit visit wiltshire
Image credit: Visit Wiltshire.

We’re a big fan of this one, and love to go exploring the local area as much as taking those big trips. Right now a weekend break might not be on the cards, but you can make the most of that hour of outdoor exercise each day by taking a different route on your walk and really taking in everything you see – listen to the birds, feel the wind, enjoy the sunshine (while it lasts!).

Keri’s lucky enough to live in a beautiful Wiltshire village, and has been making the most of the recent nice weather to spend her daily exercise outing exploring different paths and byways around the village. 

Be mindful

Keep that holiday feeling - A black beach at Fuerteventura.

Now, this one Lou tried on her last family holiday to the beautiful island of Fuerteventura. Every now and then she would put her index finger to her thumb on both hands and take it all in, imprinting that current feeling – enjoying the present.

Every time she had a moment on that holiday where she was blown away just a little bit, she made this same movement. It’s a neuro-linguistic move that helps your brain to associate a specific movement with happiness. So when she came home, she did the same thing every morning – going back to those moments on the beach, in the pool and walking along the seafront to relive that magic. 

Surprisingly, this was one of the most effective techniques she’s tried, even though she didn’t believe it would work when she looked into it and she still does it every now and then when the day is a little tougher then it should be.

If this is something you already do then now’s the time to employ that technique to whisk you back to more relaxing times. If it’s new to you why not try it out when you see something that makes you smile when you’re taking your daily exercise? Then, when you’re indoors and potentially feeling a little low, use this technique to take you back to that happy moment. 

Get to planning

They often say that the best way to keep that travel feeling alive is by booking another one, or at least planning one, and this is exactly what we do! 

No matter how small the next trip is – there’s always something on the horizon. We haven’t been able to book anything yet, but we’re already planning where we might head to when all this Covid-19 craziness is over. How about you? 

You’ll currently find us devouring guidebooks, blogs, Pinterest and Instagram for ideas and inspiration – seriously, planning’s half the fun of a trip, isn’t it?! 

If you’re not already, how about checking out Ladies What Travel on Instagram and Pinterest?

Read a book

Books to inspire travel

We love a good book – whether it’s a Lonely Planet guide, a recipe book or a coffee table hardback, we can’t get enough!

After trekking to Iceland for her honeymoon, Lou didn’t want to forget a moment, so every now and then, she goes back through her Lonely Planet guide and gawps at spectacular imagery in magazines she’s saved. It works because it makes her relive the happiness of that trip and the memories that are left lingering in her mind. These pages bring Iceland to life until she can return…

Here’s 28 books to whisk you away while you’re self-isolating

Watch a movie

Movies are brilliant for distraction and a great opportunity for some armchair travelling while you can’t leave the house.

There are some excellent movies where the settings are just as big a part of the story as the characters themselves – like The Beach, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty for example.

Then there’s also the fun of watching movies that includes destinations and sights you’ve visited. When I went to New York I visited loads of filming locations (and actually saw Ben Stiller filming ‘Walter Mitty!) so I love watching movies like Ghostbusters and Hitch and being able to shout “I’ve been there!” – I also do the same with Lost in Translation and Tokyo since I visited that karaoke bar!

What movies do you like to watch to whisk you on a virtual adventure? 

Curate memories


Ah, New York. This was one of Lou’s favourite holidays of all time, so much so that she wanted to put all her memories on display.

On returning from her travels, suffering extraordinary amounts of jetlag, she decided to curate her memories. In just six days, she’d wracked up hundreds of photos. She was determined to display the moments from this trip and not let them gather dust on shelves or sit on the camera’s memory card, and so she spent an afternoon with the biggest coffee you’ve ever seen, compiling photos into albums, picture frames and pin-boards (cause she’s a little old school).

Now she kickstarts her days by re-visiting those positive memories. To this day, this has been her most successful strategy for keeping that holiday feeling alive – her friend describes it as ‘your house wearing your memories.’

Cook a meal


Food is always a big part of any trip we take, so much so that Keri loves to do a cooking class or two when she’s away so she can recreate some of the local dishes when she’s back home. 

Now, when she makes nasi goreng, pad thai, or beef luc lac, she’s whisked back to the time she spent in Bali, Thailand and Vietnam.

So, get out a cookbook – or even check one of our recipes – and cook yourself something for dinner that transports you to another part of the world! 

Listen to your travel playlist

Lou’s a big one for creating playlists. In fact, she still makes her friends mix tapes. Each destination she’s ever been to has a number of tracks attributed to it. This was no different with her trip to Florida some years ago now. Obviously, this soundtrack was Disney-fied! 

We heard a quote the other day, which claimed that ‘music provides the bookmarks to an individual’s life’ – and couldn’t agree with that statement more. It’s exactly why she makes these playlists. Each time Lou hears a  Disney tune she’s taken back to the parks themselves, NASA and Florida’s stunning white beaches – making her day that little bit more magical.

Even if you don’t have holiday playlists I bet for most places you visited there’s a song or two that will whisk you back to a destination, so why not create your very own holiday hitlist playlist to enjoy while you’re at home?

For Keri, Katie Perry’s I Kissed a Girl reminds her of driving with the roof down in Florida and Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack was playing in most of the yellow cabs she took in New York, so it always reminds her of the ‘Big Apple’. Oh and whenever she hears Carly Rae Jepson’s Call me Maybe she thinks of the Victoria Phan Thiet hotel’s bar singers in Mui Ne, Vietnam (they did an epic ‘Engrish’ cover). Ah, good times! 

How to ‘travel’ while staying home

So there’s some of the ways we’re keeping our love for travel alive during the ‘Great Corona Quarantine’ – we’d love to hear the ways you’re doing the same. Please do share your tips in the comments below! 

Keep home and safe guys – let’s flatten the curve, get through this and then get back to travelling! 


  • kerry

    some fab ideas here! It has been so good hearing everyones positivity through the link up. It is such weird times but we are all in it together! I would love to live in that Wiltshire village, it looks beautiful!

    • Keri

      Ah that’s a pic of a famous Wiltshire village nearby, Castle Combe, but my little spot is lovely too! I know, its nice to read these kinds of posts with everything going on. Keep smiling Kerry!

  • museummum

    I’ve definitely been using my walks to wander local streets, old and new. I’ve been taking photos of my favourite window displays. I stopped reading travel guides for my next holidays as one has already been postponed and the next is in the balance, but maybe it’s time to read through my mountain of London guides, to plan for more local adventures as social distancing is relaxed. It would take me many lockdowns to get through my holiday photo mountain though! #CulturedKids

    • Keri

      I think a lot of people will start off by travelling more locally – and nowt wrong with that! We often overlook what’s on a doorstep and it will be a great opportunity to support the local community more when they need it!

  • ZenBabyTravel

    We’ve been travelling a lot through cooking, kids books (working mad hours with the kids around and homeschooling doesn’t help …), opera streamed in the evening whilst I’m on emails and an occasional movie on week-ends…Hope you are keeping well and safe and yes fingers crossed will get to travel and get back to some sort of normality soon! x

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