Hooplayarn and Zpagetti homeware patterns and tutorials

I was floating around on the internet the other day (yes, I was avoiding real work!) and came across this tutorial for a free-form crocheted rug made with something called Hooplayarn.

Like a similar product I found, called Zpagetti, it turns out that Hooplayarn is a jumbo yarn made using offcuts from the textile industry – so it up-cycles something that would otherwise just be thrown out!


Striped Hooplayarn
Striped Hooplayarn (image via www.hooplayarn.co.uk)

Being jumbo, it looks like it lets you create things really quickly. I saw a few patterns for knitted/crocheted handbags (which, to be honest, aren’t really my thing) and some patterns for bath mats and storage boxes. Since (usually!) hugely prefer creating homewares to clothing items, I’m certainly intrigued!

Crocheted pouffe

Crocheted zpagetti puff / pouffe
Crocheted zpagetti puff / pouffe via Memento Vivere

I love this Zpagetti pouffe from Memento Vivere The pattern is in Danish though, so I’ll have to put all of the hours I’ve spent watching Borgen and The Killing to use. Or, more likely, hope Google Translate can help me out!

Crocheted basket

Crocheted basket
Crocheted basket via lauguina siuke

Next on the to-do list is this amazing crocheted basket by Lauguina Suike. It’s another non-English pattern, but I’m sure it’ll work out fine…eventually…

Free-form Hooplayarn rug

Hooplayarn Granny Dolly Rag Rug
Hooplayarn rug via thestitchsharer.com


The jumbo texture of these yarns makes it perfects for bathmats and rugs. As I mentioned above, thestitchsharer whipped up this lovely granny-style rug without a pattern! She gives you some guidance on how to make your own on her website (there’s loads of other great patterns on the site, so you might want to have a look around while you’re there!)

Have you used either Hooplayarn or Zpagetti before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter or via Facebook!

Featured image via Hooplayarn by Creative You



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