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9 Hidden Gems You’ll Only Find In Thailand

Known for its enigmatic cities and glistening island shores, Thailand is an obvious choice for an exotic long-haul holiday. But unbeknown to many travellers, in Thailand there’s a number of hidden gems that you wouldn’t easily find.

With our tips, make the most of Thailand’s diverse culture and natural beauty; from authentic floating markets and unique temples to secret caves and mind-blowing national parks…

Hidden Gems in Thailand


1. Laem Singh Beach

You won’t be surprised to learn that Phuket has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world but you may be to learn that there are a few that are still left undiscovered, just take Laem Singh Beach for example. Nestled between popular Kamala and Surin beaches, you’ll find this 150-metre wide bay hidden by exotic palms and made up of pristine golden sands. Make sure you take advantage and soak up a few of the sun’s rays.

2. Nan Communities

Take the opportunity to visit Thailand’s tribal communities in Nan. Visit the Hmong, N’tin and Khamu tribes with a local guide and you’ll get a truly authentic view of this inspiring, friendly and generous country. They don’t call it the ‘Land of Smiles’ for nothing! You could combine this trip with a visit to Phu Kha National Park too to spot the astonishing Thai Sakura (Cherry Blossom) – they only bloom in January and February though, so make sure you time it right.


3. Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market

If you’re in the heart of Bangkok, there are plenty of floating markets to choose from but why not visit one that’s still a local favourite? Head to Bang Nam Pheung on Thailand’s Chao Phraya River to take advantage of its bountiful photographic opportunities and indulge in its flavourful street food. This little-known floating market, in particular, is known for its enormous range of seafood – the chilli squid is a must.

4. Khanom Dolphins

If wildlife is more your thing, then you should visit Khanom during March and September to see the rare pink dolphins. The district is well known for these creatures among locals, some argue that they even have a special bond. The local fishing community only catches enough fish to feed themselves and the neighbourhood, they always ensure there’s enough left for the dolphins to thrive.


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5. Ban Bor Thor National Park

If you’re thinking of including Krabi in your Asian itinerary, then you need to head to Ban Bor Thor National Park to explore its extensive network of rivers and dramatic limestone caves. Rent a kayak, paddle through mangroves and spot the river’s wildlife before discovering Tham Lod and Tham Pee Hua Toh Caves. Decorated by stalactites and stalagmites, beneath an enormous cliff, you may also spot 3,000-year-old cave drawings left by Thailand’s oldest ancestors.


6. Koh Mak Marine Park

With the majority of travel companies not accessing Koh Mak just yet, it’s still an unknown and secluded paradise. Stay near the transparent turquoise waters of this island’s National Marine Park and sample some of the best diving in the whole of Thailand but never fear, if diving isn’t for you, then you can also windsurf, kayak or just dip your toes in!

7. Wat Sri Suphan

Just outside Chiang Mai, you can marvel at Wat Sri Suphan, nicknamed the Silver Temple. Upon seeing this magnificent building, you’ll realise that it’s entirely made out of silver – the only temple to be created this way in Thailand. Wat Sri Suphan is in the heart of Chiang Mai’s silver-making district, whom is largely responsible for the temple’s intricate panelling; each hand-crafted panel represents a stage in Buddha’s life. Each one is more beautiful than the next!


8. Lampang City

Lampang is one of the more charming hidden gems left in Thailand. Chae Son National Park is a large part of this, where you can swim at the base of a number of beautiful waterfalls, take a dip in the park’s hot springs and spot hundreds of curious species in its forests. But head into the city itself and you can enjoy a traditional horse and carriage ride – the only place left in Thailand that still uses this mode of transport.

9. Sukhothai Historical Park

Known for its part in Thailand’s Golden Age during the 13-14th century, Sukhothai Historical Park showcases a kingdom’s ruins in all its splendour. Although the park itself is popular with tourists, there are still pockets of it that rarely see visitors but if you’d rather not run the risk then visit Si Satchanalai, just north of Sukhothai, an abandoned medieval city.

Have you got any gems you’d add to the list? Leave them below in the comments…


9 hidden gems you'll only find in Thailand | Ladies What Travel


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  • Clare (Suitcases and Sandcastles)

    Great ideas for Thailand and a fab idea for a post. I’ve done the more touristy areas of Bangkok, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and travelled up to Chiang Rai in the north but you’ve come up trumps with lots more enticing ideas. I’m very keen to take my two boys to Thailand. This list is going to be very useful. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

    • Louise

      Thanks Clare, that means a lot. I hope it proves fruitful for your family adventure in coming years. That’s quite a collection you’ve already built up though. Favourite place so far?

  • jo

    What a wonderful list everything looks so exotic and appealing. I’ve never been to Thailand so I’ve pinned this for future reference. Thanks for sharing with #FarawayFiles

  • Katy Clarke

    Oh Thailand – so overrun with tourists and a victim of its own success. I love Bangkok actually but have not ventured beyond so far. Loved the floating markets and beautiful temples. Thanks for opening my eyes to some more hidden gems in Thailand #FarawayFiles

    • Louise

      I’m not sure I agree, Katy. I think chunks of it are but there’s still a lot more to discover. Bangkok can feel like that at times, so get your point. It’s definitely worth heading to the more exotic regions – it’ll open your eyes to so much more of the country 🙂

  • Elizabeth (Wander Mum)

    Great ideas! I haven’t heard of a lot of these, although done the floating market and Chiang Mai temple. I do love Thailand so very keen to explore more of it in the future. Thanks for the inspiration #farawayfiles

  • Kat

    You know what, I haven’t been to any of these places in Thailand! I had visited Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai but none of these hidden gems, and I guess that’s why they are called hidden gems, lol! I guess we tend to go to the usual sightseeing places but it’s fantastic when we discover places that are not overrun with tourists. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂 #FarawayFiles.

    • Louise

      For sure, Kat 😉 Absolutely agree. I worked in the travel industry for many years and you see the same thing day in day out, so it’s good to look for more authentic experiences 🙂

  • tracy collins

    I can’t wait to visit Thailand this year – after having wanted to for the last 30 years! Will definitely bear these in mind as it is nice to know about the less obvious places to visit. #farawayfiles

    • Louise

      Definitely. There are a lot of tourists in Thailand so sometimes it’s good to take a breath and find somewhere a bit more special. Where are you going to in Thailand?

  • TravelBlond

    I love your article! Can’t believe I missed all those places! I came back from Thailand few weeks ago and now looking at your photos it reminds me of how beautiful that country is. Thank you for sharing!

    • Louise

      Thanks TravelBlond, that’s so kind of you to say. It is one of the most awe-inspiring places I’ve ever been. What did you do whilst you were there?

  • Tiffany

    Thailand has become one of my all time favorite travel destinations! We will have to go back! I def agree with you on Sukhothai – we loved that laid back place! #flyawayfriday 🙂

    • Louise

      Same here, Tiffany. There’s just so much choice – you can do the laid-back options but then you can also engage with a bustling cityscape. The people are the friendliest I’ve ever met too!

  • Courtney @ Adelante

    It all looks so incredible! I want to visit Thailand SO badly. I’m going to Vietnam next week, but sadly I don’t have enough time off to hop over to Thailand as well! Bookmarking this for when I eventually get there 🙂

    • Louise

      Thanks, Courtney. Have an amazing time in Vietnam – that country is spectacular in its own way. It’s always nice to have an excuse to jump on a plane again 😉

  • Kana

    Ok, I want to do EVERY single thing on that list! I haven’t been back in Thailand for…..ever, so I really need to get back! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday – hope to see you again this weekend! xo

  • Chloe Hahn

    Awww this makes me miss Thailand so much!!! Such a beautiful country and lovely people! I didn’t do a lot on this list so luckily it gives me a chance to go back!! Haha!

  • Monae

    I stumbled upon this post on Pinterest. I’m headed to Phuket end of February and I’m overwhelmed with ideas of places to visit. So many beautiful places, but not enough time. I’ll only be there for 6 days. I hope I can cram some spectacular sights before I leave. Thank you for the great article. I will add this to my growing list of places to see.

    • Keri

      Hi Monae, lovely to hear how you found us! Hope this was helpful and you’re having an amazing time in Thailand. There’s so much to see and do there you’re spoilt for choice! Do let us know what you got up to and what you thought!

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