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Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers – the 2019 Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for a travel lover you know? Well here’s our guide to the presents that any travel fan will love…


Pretty pieces of jewellery that remind you of a destination or experience are lovely ideas for gifts. Every year my family will get me one or two new El Camino ‘steps’ from destinations I visited that year, which I add to my bracelet and I love them. I’ve heard that El Camino now also offers a necklace – maybe when my bracelet can’t fit anymore steps I’ll get one of them next!

For something a bit more ‘glamorous’ there’s lots of lovely handmade jewellery available out there. Etsy’s a great place to look for things like this, as you’ll see in our upcoming guide (here’s last year’s, to whet your appetite) but you can also discover some beautiful items on dedicated jewellery designer websites. 

Take Jana Reinhardt’s lovely handmade whale pendant, for example. Did you know the whale is considered by many cultures as the guardian of oceans and sea travel? Therefore this pendant a great choice to wear if you’re planning a voyage somewhere over the waves.

Love this necklace? Well keep your eyes open for our upcoming competition to win one!

Experience vouchers

gift ideas for travel lovers

Most travel lovers want ‘experiences’ over ‘things’, so why not give them something they’ll really love this year? 

If they’ve got a trip booked up for next year, why not look into experiences available in the area? Lots of websites offer these kinds of things, like Viator, With Locals etc. We recently discovered Tinggly and will be trying out their Delicious Chelsea Chocolate Experience next month, so keep your eyes open for our full review. 

These websites have experiences available all over the world, but you can also look at experiences closer to home, like we did. It’s easy to overlook the destinations that are on your doorstep so why not treat someone to a local adventure instead? 

Often you can choose to buy a specific experience or simply buy them a gift voucher so they can choose their own adventure, so why not take a look?

Travel-friendly board games

10 of the Best Travel Board Games to Take on Holiday

We’re loving board games at the moment, and there’s loads of fun, portable games out now that are perfect to take away on holiday. So many, in fact, that we recently did a round-up of our favourites

Not only will it give them something fun to play with the family on Xmas day, they’ll have a fun little game to play in the hotel bar, by the pool, on the beach or even in the airport while they’re waiting for the flight. They’ll never be bored by stop-overs again! 

Colouring books

I don’t care whether they’re still ‘a thing’ or not, I adore colouring books! I love doing some colouring in front of my roaring fire during winters at home, but also love to take them with me when I travel – great for plane journeys or those lazy days by the pool or on the beach. 

For a travel-themed colouring book why not pick up the Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist Colouring Book? There’s also some cool books designed specifically for people on the move, like this Colour therapy Travel Colouring Kit.

Travel journals – from £8

Journals are very en vogue right now, and a lovely way to record your travels for prosperity. There’s so many travel journals to choose from right now, but I particularly love bound leather journals and also this cool cork version I found on Amazon.

Pen Heaven is a stationary lover’s dream, and they have a great selection of journals including this world map beauty and a high-end travel notebook ‘starter set‘. Perfect for that special person who wants to record their adventures as they travel…

Love Pen Heaven’s world map journal? Well keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for a chance to win one soon!

Travel books

Books to inspire travel

For those who prefer to read their books rather than draw or write in them, why not pick up a novel or hardback that will whisk them off to a far-flung destination or inspire them to experience something new? We recently put together a guide to 28 books that will inspire you to travel, so you’re spoilt for choice… 

Solis X – from £179

If you know someone that can’t live without WiFi when they’re off bodding around the world then this sounds like the perfect gift. 

The Solis X is a snazzy device that provides global 4G LTE WiFi, has a remote camera, works as a power bank and is also a ‘smart assistant’, which lets you link to a number of apps and services. 

Perfect for people that want to use social media on the go – or just scroll through Facebook or Instagram while lounging on the beach. 

We’ll be trying it out for ourselves on our upcoming trip to Penang, so look out for a dedicated review in the new year…

8K Flexwarm heated jacket – from £179.99

8k Flexwarm heated jacket review | Ladies What Travel

For outdoorsy friends and family, or just for that person that always feels cold (we all know someone!) I’d highly recommend the Flexwarm 8K heated jacket. 

I reviewed this last winter on my trip to Iceland and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Although lightweight it keeps you toasty warm, and you can control the temperature via a handy little app. I’ve lived in it ever since! 

Gant wool blend sweater – £110

You can’t go wrong with a good quality, cosy jumper when shopping for travel addicts. Perfect for a stylish city break, or to keep you cosy when night time temperatures drop when in warmer climes, we love this dusky rose crew neck sweater from Gant. Made from a merino and alpaca wool blend, its classic style means it would be a timeless essential for anyone’s packing list.

Portable luggage scale – from £8

Know someone who just can’t pack light? Or perhaps you’ve got a friend that just loves to shop whenever they take a trip?

This could be a handy stocking filler for them then! With a portable luggage scale you’ll never have that last minute panic when you get to check-in and discover your case weighs too much….

Personalised photo gifts – from £6.99

I think personalised posters, books and calendars are lovely ideas for presents, and are perfect for travellers as you’ll have so many great photos to choose from! Bring back memories from that epic summer girls trip, or look back over your favourite holidays with your partner or family. Last year the kids made us a lovely photobook of everywhere we’d taken them over the recent years, which made our hearts melt! 

There’s lots of services offering this out there, but we quite like Motif, which has a free app for iPhone, iPad and Mac that you can use to put together your creations. The team there have kindly offered a 20% discount (with free standard shipping) to LWT readers, simply pop in the code LadiesWhatTravelMotif at checkout!

Motif have also kindly offered up a £50 voucher as a prize. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for a chance to win this great prize!

Hooded neck pillow – from £6.50

Neck pillows are very popular with long-haul travellers as anything that can help you get comfy when trying to sleep on a long journey is a godsend.

But this little beauty takes things to the next level, as it includes a hood to help you block out the light, shut out the world and get yourself nice and cosy. It’s on my wish list…

HydroFlask reusable cups, bottles and tumblers – from £26.95

More than ever we all like to play our part in trying to help the planet, and taking a reusable water bottle on our travels is a simple way to start. Again there’s loads of different ones designs and styles to choose from these days, but we love the HydroFlask range, which can keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Perfect for any climate!

They have everything from coffee cups through to beer coolers, wine bottles and tumblers, and you can check out the full range on their website.

Like the look of the HydroFlask range? Well keep your eyes open for our upcoming competition to win a wine cooler and tumbler!

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