Sprite map of London zone 1

Sprite map of London Zone 1 and other map geekery

I’m more of a board-game than a console gaming kinda girl, but I do love retro gaming stuff – especially Nintendo stuff.

It’s certainly not very often that my retro gaming geekery coincides with my map geekery but every now and again I find something like this and it makes me very happy indeed.

Mapping London recently featured this amazing map of Zone 1 London featuring the sprites from Super Mario Bros 3.

Sprite map of London zone 1
Sprite map of London Zone 1

And, to also have it appeal to my London-transport geekery…well, surely this is, therefore, the BEST map EVER!

More retro maps

If this whets your appetite for geeky retro maps, check out 8-bit cities, which features maps of London, New York, Tokyo and more.

And who can forgot Google Maps’ amazing 2012 April Fools prank, where they ‘released’ Google Maps for NES?!

(Sprite map via Mapping London. Created by and copyright NaturalBeats)

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