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Four fabulously quirky sporting events

As ever at this time of the year, the sporting calendar is filling up and it seems there is no escaping the constant stream of football, rugby, cricket and the rest of those sports that dominate the television.


If you fancy a bit of a change from watching 20+ men on a field kicking a ball, we’ve discovered some fantastic quirky sporting events that you can enjoy in 2015.

The UK Wife Carrying Race: March 8

While the origins of the UK’s Wife Carrying Race came from the tendency of Vikings to run off with local women of villages they had just pillaged over 12 centuries ago, these days the event is a thoroughly enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The UK’s Wife Carrying Race was re-introduced to this country in 2008 and involves men or women carrying a ‘wife’ over a race course of 380 metres, including 15 metres of ascent and 15 metres of decent. This is usually over a muddy course with a number of swampy water hazards to negotiate. While Vikings, on the whole, now stay away from the race, participants from across the world are expected to attend this year’s event at Dorking in Surrey on March 8.

World Water Bombing Championships: May 6

Not only is the World Water Bombing Championships a whole heap of fun among these offbeat sports, it also raises a great deal of money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Held at Ponds Forge in Sheffield at the beginning of May, the event sees participants compete to produce the most creative and impressive water bomb from the diving board, with points awarded for fancy dress, creativity and the size of their splash.

While those hardy souls leaping from the diving board might not have the same talent as Tom Daley, the fancy dress outfits and the party atmosphere among the spectators have made this event increasingly popular over the past decade. May’s event will be the 11th time the World Water Bombing Championships have been held.

World Egg Throwing Championships: June 28

Believe it or not, but egg throwing has been a popular pastime all over the world for years. Moreover, there has been a huge growth in organised events across the past decade. Teams of two people are tasked with throwing a raw egg to each other over a growing distance without the egg breaking.

Ever since the first World Egg Throwing Championships were held in 2006, the sport has grown so much that there are numerous different worldwide tournaments hosted throughout the year. But the World Egg Throwing Championships remain the sport’s showpiece event. This year they will be held at The Park in Thorpe Latimer on June 28. So, as well as enjoying a new sport, what’s more romantic than pelting your loved one with raw eggs all afternoon?

World Gravy Wrestling Championships: August 15

world gravy wrestling championshipsPhoto Credit: Caravanum

The World Gravy Wrestling Championships do what they say on the tin. Held at the famous Rose ‘N’ Bowl in Lancashire, the event sees participants wrestle opponents for two minutes in pools of gravy, with points awarded for fancy dress, comedic effect and all-round entertainment value. All the money raised from the day goes to a number of charities. You don’t have to be a wrestling expert to take part and there is more than enough to do if you don’t fancy entering the competition. So, while you might not want to take part in the gravy-based fun, you can always watch from the sidelines while having your face painted, enjoying the bouncy castle and indulging in some of the food or drink being served up throughout the day. Wrestling has never looked so delicious!

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