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Five places to read outdoors

I love reading; I’ve had this passion since I’ve read the first time the Harry Potter books. Oh, I remember those days when my only care was to stay up all night trying to finish one book and start another. Now things have evolved: ebooks slowly entered in our lives and we can now read stories on phones, computers, e-readers, and iPads, but the thing is that books are accessible everywhere to everyone.

Well, no matter from where or what you read books you still need to find the right spot, the right position in which you can fully enjoy your book. I know I always end up in the strangest places in my own room because I love the story so much that I slowly move from my initial position due to numbness in various parts of my body!

So I thought about a small list of perfect places in which you can enjoy that book you love so much.

In the Park

Reading in Erie Park - now known as Montgomery Ward Park
Sitting on a bench in a park will not give you the freedom to move like you would at home, but the fresh air and background sounds can throw you into the middle of the action of your book. Nothing is more breathtaking than following your favorite character while you sit on the edge of a cliff with a gust of wind playing in your hair.

On the beach

It might be just me, but just staying there in the sun, waiting to become extra-crispy is rather boring -Â so why not read? I assure you that time will pass really fast. Your only concern should be not to get burned and forget to turn on the other side.

Beach Reading

In a tree

This can sound a little crazy, but trust me, it’s fun. Unless you read a very boring book and you are in danger of falling to sleep and, in consequence from the tree! This place might be bad for your health so bring your most interesting book with you. This is a requirement!
Reading tree

On the train

If you need to go somewhere on a long distance by train you have plenty of time to read. You don’t always have spectacular landscapes on the window so you can enter into a world in a book.

On top of a building

reading on the roof

A house works fine too. Just sitting there, on top of the world, with your book. What else could you need? Well, maybe a cold juice or a hot chocolate, because no matter how much you want to be alone, this kind of company is always welcomed.

What is your perfect outdoor spot? Where do you enjoy reading?

Author bio: Amina Black is a book blogger and the owner of Pixel PR, a project initiated to help authors and other book bloggers interact by organizing events like blog tours, cover reveals and street teams.

Photos via Swanksalot, aafromaa, lanier67, Anne Varak via Flickr


  • andrea

    I’ve read in a park once and everyone was looking at me like I was some kind of a lost species. I could think on two reasons: maybe because I’m young and people don’t expect us reading or maybe it’s weird for them to read in a park.

    Anyways, I haven’t read on a top of a building, on the beach and in a tree. I sometimes get into the book and I might forget that I’m in a tree, I don’t want to follow down.

    Great article, thanks.

  • Keri

    People are strange – I think sitting in the park reading a good book sounds like a great way to pass time! I’ve just come back from holiday and spent a lot of my time sitting under a palm tree on the beach reading a book – the beach, or by the pool on hols is my fave book reading times!

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