Five funny things you’ll see on tour

Travel tours are a great way of seeing new places and meeting new people. It’s a completely different experience to travelling with existing friends or going solo. There are some inevitable things that happen on almost every tour though. We’ve picked five of the funniest. Check them out:

1: Group think

Energy is infectious. When you’re within an enclosed space for some time, people start to think like each other. Before long, you’ll be finishing each other sentences and asking how their family are.

five funny things you see on tourImage: Mission Bike Company via Flickr

2: Gossiping and tantrums

Honestly, at times, you might think you’re back in the playground. It’s not just children and teenagers that spend time gossiping, whining and sulking. Adults can throw their toys out the cot too. But, as the Secret Traveller reminds us, it’s not a good look. It might be funny when you see someone else acting like a child, but try and avoid it yourself.

3: Guides getting lost

Think your tour guide always knows where they’re going? Think again. You’ll see them looking just as puzzled as you sometimes. They’ve even been known to get drunk and forget about those they’re supposed to be looking out for. Make sure you stick together and don’t panic – just have a good laugh.

Image: Acquimat4 via Flickr

4: Relationships

Of course, there might be some random hook-ups. But what’s more interesting is when these relationships blossom into real commitments. Some travel buddies even end up getting married. What better way to reunite everyone you met on tour?

5: Toilet emergencies

Last but not least are the inevitable toilet emergencies. You’ll definitely look like a fool a few times on tour – but you’ve got to learn to laugh at yourself. That’s exactly what this blogger did when he had to force the bus driver to stop so he could urgently pee. A whole bus full of Guatemalans laughed at him, but he made new friends for the rest of the journey.


Have you been on a group tour? Share your stories with us.




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