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A Taste of Brittany at Home: Far Breton [Recipe]

Last Easter I popped over to France to see my dad (who was there for his annual visit from Australia). Even though the primary purpose of the visit was to visit my Grandmother, I requested that we make a trip to Carnac in Brittany (to relive my childhood) and Mont St Michel in Normandy (to visit a place from my favourite book series). So, over two very full days, we drove the five hours to Brittany, looked at some very large rocks and then drove another couple of hours to see a very famous rock – Mont St Michel. I wanted to share a piece of my trip with a recipe for a traditional pudding from Brittany -– Far Breton.

Mont St Michel

I really enjoyed a well and truly food-focused trip to Brittany. This included a stop in a little town called Elven where we had fresh, crispy baguettes with ham and cheese. Then in Carnac we had a delicious multi-course birthday meal at a tiny auberge, more than one kougin amann (because I needed to compare!), a trip around a farmers market with some of the most amazing produce I’ve seen in a while (including white asparagus the size of babies’ arms) and the star of this post -– Far Breton.

A side note: Carnac

Plenty of people know Brittany, but I don’t think Carnac is a super well-known spot to visit. It’s a small town near the coast – home to fields upon fields of standing stones. My parents took me there when I was five and I’ve thought about it ever since. No one knows why the stones are arranged the way they are and it makes Carnac a mysterious place!

Far Breton

Now, on to the Far Breton. It’s similar in texture to a clafoutis—one of my favourite desserts—essentially a baked custard-style dessert full of prunes, which I think have always had a bad wrap. You’ll also note in my photos below that some people like it blonde and others much darker, and it can be served on its own or served with creme patisserie.

Far Breton and cider
Far breton in a bakery

I’d been wanting to give the Far Breton a go since I got back, so I finally found some time and did a search for a trustworthy recipe. I went with this recipe from Richard Bertinet and got baking.

The recipe worked a treat! It was enough for two (so I took one to work). It wasn’t quite the same (because things always taste better when you don’t make them yourself), but it was a winner of pudding and the feedback was great. I added my own little Aussie twist by using Bundaberg Rum.

Homemade Far Breton

A taste of Brittany – pin for later!

If you can’t get to Brittany, I can recommend, as Richard Bertinet does, baking this and then eating it with a nice cup of tea and a book. Or – as the region calls for – a cider.

A taste of Brittany in your own home: Far Breton

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