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Etsy Travel Gift Guide – 2018 Edition

Etsy is a wonderful place to find unique gifts for friends and family, especially around the theme of travel. However, when you start looking you can’t stop, and it’s easy to get lost down an Etsy rabbit hole for hours at a time.

Well, here at Ladies What Travel we like to think we offer a public service, so we’ve put in the hard work for you and created a new guide to the best travel related gifts currently available on Etsy.

Take a look at our 11 of the best Etsy has to offer, and save yourself untold hours of trawling the website for yourself!


Scratch & Reveal Surprise Trip Card

Ah I love this idea! If you’re treating someone special to a surprise trip that’s an amazing present but it’s a really hard gift to wrap, right? Well this is a unique little way to share your gift. Too cute!

Etsy travel gift guide


Expanding Travel Face Towels

These little towels are handmade and mean you’ve always got a fresh towel at hand to have a wash. Simple grab one and run it under water to be ready to go…

Etsy travel gift guide

Foil city prints

This is a beautiful way to remember a special city. Maybe a friend really fell in love with a particular city on their travels, or perhaps it’s the first trip you made with your partner.

These are pretty, and pretty inexpensive gifts that will add a sparkle and shine to any wall.

Etsy travel gift guide

Disney Travel Poster Sets

Disney lovers will go crazy for these stylised travel posters featuring locations from the world of Disney.

You’ve just got the problem of deciding which to get, as you’re spoilt for choice. There’s everything from Aladdin’s Agrabah through to Rapunzel’s tower.


World map glasa prints

This unique Glasa map design is inspired by stained glass windows: narrow black borders confine areas of blended light and shade and areas of textured land and sea.

These prints are available in a selection of colours, from red and green through to blue and purple.

Etsy travel gift guide


Globe Christmas baubles

Add a little travel magic to your Christmas tree this year with these cute globe Christmas tree ornaments.

I may be purchasing some of these myself!

Etsy travel gift guide

Travel crossword print

Personalized travel crossword prints are a great way to celebrate travels. These guys print the travel destinations as a crossword and the dates of travel underneath as clues. Or, instead of dates, you can add a special memory like their favourite food or a special place they visited.

Etsy travel gift guide

Airplane wall decals

Got a travel lovin’ friend that looking to decorate their house, then they’ll love these airplane wall decals.

I personally think they’d look ace going up my staircase…

Etsy travel gift guide


Travel quote map of the world

This travel quote map of the world print has approximately 75 travel quotes and proverbs – some thoughtful, some amusing, some well known and some not so well known.

The text is printed in different colours and styles so that from a distance the print looks like a map of the world, but when you get closer you can read the individual quotes and proverbs.

Etsy travel gift guide


Travel definition poster

A minimalist poster with a profound message…

Etsy travel gift guide

Personalised departure board

I’ve left my favourite to last – I think the idea of a personalised departure board is such a cute idea! If you’ve got a friend who’s just come back from travelling they’d love this, or you could put together a board for your other half with all the special places you’ve visited together. Justin, if you’re reading this here’s a subtle hint for what to get me this year! 😉


Etsy travel gift guide

So there you have it, my favourite finds for travel lovers on Etsy. I hope I’ve saved you some time, if not money, but if you’ve got any additional gifts you’ve come across please do share them with us all in the comments below.

If you still need some more Etsy inspo, well why don’t you check out some of the things I came across during my last trawl through Etsy

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Guide to etsy gifts for travel lovers


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