Why Everyone Falls for Danish Design

Denmark. Just the name is enough to evoke wonder; it is, after all, a land of beauty, wholesome food and, of course, innovative design. No wonder so many of us long to visit it. With regard to its interiors, what makes us love Danish indoor spaces so much? The furniture? The typical layout? Its designers? Let’s find out why we’ve all fallen for it…


Hear the word “Denmark” and what do you picture? A cosy scene? Perhaps an image of being snuggled up underneath a blanket by the fireplace? If so, you aren’t alone – the Nordic country has been associated with comfort and relaxation for centuries. That’s why so many tourists head there every year! In fact, the Danes are famed for Hygge, which is often best described as a concept, as opposed to just one word.

Pronounced “hoo-ga”, it refers to the contentment that can be derived from appreciating the simple things in life. And this is typically reflected in its interior design. Rustic furniture, candles and rich textures are all key features of Danish décor.


Most often, Danish design offers more than just aesthetic – it guarantees functionality. Softness is a vital part of Hygge – but so is practicality. That’s why Danish designers are keen to produce throws, pillows and lounge ware that is easy to clean and maintain. While it was once the case that people had to sacrifice luxury for reliability, Hygge combines the two masterfully.

A recent survey done by Swift Direct Blinds indicates that the Danish interior trend is here to stay, so why not amplify the cosiness of your home, by investing in some new interior pieces?  That way, you’ll be able to create the ultimate indoor winter space.


Why do we all love Danish design so much? The answer may be more obvious than you think: it’s largely because it’s so simple! And as many people say, the simplest items are usually the most appealing. Is there anything more heart-warming than the sight – or even scent – of candles, for example? Or anything more cosy than resting on the sofa after a brisk country walk? At its core, Hygge is all about enjoying life’s fine simplicities to the full. That’s the beauty of it! In fact, all it may take to inject some Hygge into your living space is a spot of re-decorating.

If you want to really feel relaxed at home, you could try to change how you interact with your surroundings. Instead of using the bedside lamp, why don’t you (safely) light some large candles? Or you may want to warm up your indoors with fairy lights, instead of main lights?

Many experts argue that warm shades appeal to our evolutionary instinct to find food, as it reminds us of fire, the element required for cooking. When we see a warm lighting feature, like a candle, it tells this basic instinct that we’re safe. Hygge, therefore, speaks to our need for comfort – and you can easily create it in your home.

Refreshingly simple, Danish design can really warm the spirit. Apply it to your home, and you could enjoy the full effect of Hygge for years to come.

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