Our day out at Cybher 2013

As we’re still relatively new to the blogging community and have been eager to learn from more established bloggers, we’d been keeping our eyes open for events that might allow us to improve our site and meet other like-minded people. So, when we discovered Cybher we got very excited about heading to the big smoke for a day of learning, networking and, of course, fun.

Cybher is an annual one-day event for female bloggers, with loads of different speakers and sessions covering everything from social media to legal requirements. It’s a chance to make new contacts, share knowledge and make new friends!


Cybher 2013 goodie bag
Cybher’s fab pink goodie bag

What we got up to

Once we’d registered and picked up our impressive goody bags (obviously the most important bit!), there was just enough time to grab a cup of tea and take look around the sponsors’ section before heading to the ballroom for the welcome session, including the keynote speech from Zoe Margolis. We’d already heard her speak at the Ladies That Tweet conference we went to before Christmas but although her talk echoed some of what she said then, overall it was different enough to still be interesting!

We then had a couple of sessions before lunch – Living the Lifestyle Dream where lifestyle bloggers Rachelle Blondel, Natasha Denness and Caroline Taylor gave their tips for running a site; and Keeping It Legal where we learnt all about the legal guidelines that bloggers should stick to (but so many of them don’t).

This could have very easily turned out to be a dry session but the presenter, Emma Scott, managed to keep it interesting and I found it to be the most useful talk of the entire day.

After lunch…

In the afternoon we learnt some about basic blog housekeeping tasks, found out everything there was to know about Google+, learnt about affiliate sales and listened to Adam Pacitti’s entertaining tale of using viral marketing to get a job. Although possibly the least relevant to us as lifestyle bloggers, Keri enjoyed this the most as she loved the humour he added to his talk.

Adam Pacitti at Cybher 2013
Adam’s session about going viral

As well the packed talks programme, the team from Mollie Makes magazine were on hand to give some crochet tuition so we had a sit down with them for a while. I can already crochet but Keri had never tried it before. I’ll leave it up to her to let you know how she thought she got on in another post soon…

So was it worth it?

We were a bit nervous about going to Cybher, as we didn’t know anyone else that was going and were a bit worried that it would be a bit clique-y. Luckily, that wasn’t the case at all. Everyone we spoke to was really friendly and we met some great people like AmyJBurton and Carla from Ducking Fabulous and Inkdrops.

The venue was in a great location and the schedule was timed just right – everything moved at a good pace without feeling rushed. Both entertaining and educational, the mix of people attending was really varied and I think we’d definitely think about attending the event in the future.

We’ve also come back refreshed and reinvigorated – just being around other bloggers has given us loads of new ideas and things we’d like to share with you. Be sure to check in with us regularly as we turn all these great ideas into reality. Why not subscribe to our free email updates, bloglovin’ account or RSS feed.

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