Why Taking a Cruise Could Be the Ideal Choice for Single Women In 2022

There is finally, finally, no shame (or less shame) in being a single woman. Progress is being made and we are here for it!

And it’s about time. How many holidays have we taken with someone we could have done without for the sake of avoiding a shocked “What, alone?” from a coworker when you tell them your plans? Sure, you’ve got girls’ holidays, but do they ever really feel like a break? You come back with a thumping headache, drained of all energy.

A break should be break, and there is nothing more relaxing than the life on a cruise. Take a friend, or go alone, but the law is to chill. Not convinced? Well, it’s good thing we’re not done. Read on for our breakdown of why the cruise is the perfect getaway for the modern single woman.

Chances to meet people

Cruises are well adept at constructing means of getting everyone together. The entire ship will be filled with activities, some are fine for doing yourself, but a lot are created with the point of getting everyone socializing. A large number of them are even aimed directly at singles, with single-only cocktail nights happening at the various bars. Grab a drink or grab a dance partner and see what happens.

Beyond that, a lot of the activities are primed for groups, like tennis courts communal restaurants, cooking lessons, tasting classes and loads more.

That’s all without mentioning the intimacy that travelling in general can bring. There is something that being with a stranger in a foreign land that quickly makes them no longer a stranger.

You will step off the boat loaded with social media profile adds and phone numbers of new friends, or maybe even something more?

Chances to be alone

In saying that, sometimes you’re just looking to get away from all that. Some of us are content to simply read our book by the pool and not worry about who is or isn’t waiting at the hotel room for us. We might even prefer it. You get to stretch out on the bed, get up when you want, and truly only worry about yourself. Going away with anyone takes a certain amount of compromise, even if it’s something as simple as you feeling like having Italian for dinner when your partner or friend fancies sushi.

A cruise is a great excuse to leave the rest of the world at the dock. You will be sure to get some alone time with Me, Myself, and I, who I bet you haven’t seen in ages and will have plenty to do to keep yourself occupied.

Of course, if you’re going anywhere alone, you should be protected. As an example, take a look at travel insurance from Staysure. Not only does it cover the loss and theft of your baggage and purse, and the medical expenses should anything go wrong, but it also cancellation, even if it’s due to Covid.

Chances to see the world

What is on the boat is nothing compared to the places you’ll see when you dock. There are cruises that take you around Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, etc. with stops around the coast, allowing you a taster of the culture before you jump back on the boat for the next one. You can experience so much within that time. A couple of weeks on the boat could see you travelling around the world.

Plus, you and your fellow cruisers have something in common already: the destination you chose to see. Maybe you two can bond over the art of Venice, or the culture of Tokyo, or the scenery of the Greek islands.

Photo by Sheila Jellison on Unsplash

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