Croatian Restaurants with Jaw-Dropping Views
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Croatian Restaurants with Jaw-Dropping Views

Croatia is a small Central European and Mediterranean country, known for its breathtaking views, a beautiful coast with more than 1,000 islands, and amazingly diverse and rich in flavors traditional cuisine.

Croatian cuisine combines all the influences from different countries, civilizations, and cultures throughout the past – from Austro-Hungarian, Turkish, antique, and Illiran influences to the Italian, Hungarian, Austrian, and French.

Each and every one of those influences plays a part in Croatian gastronomy today, and so the country offers an amazing selection of different dishes, flavors and aromas.

We decided to combine two Croatian beauties, breathtaking views and delicious gastronomy, in order to present you with the best restaurants across the country that offer the most jaw-dropping views.

Bevanda, Opatija

Croatian Restaurants with Jaw-Dropping Views
Image credit: Bevanda Hotel, Restaurant & Bar, Facebook

Restaurant Bevanda, which is linked to a hotel with the same name, is situated just a few steps from the sea, offering an amazing view over the towns of Rijeka and Opatija, as well as over the crystal-clear sea and distant islands.

Sea salt, waves and seagulls certainly contribute to the attractiveness of this restaurant. The menu that awaits you is focused on fresh, organic and local ingredients, in particular fish, crabs, lobsters and other seafood.

The restaurant has a rich selection of more than 500 wines, while the flavors of everything you taste beautifully combine with the breathtaking horizon in front of you.

Opat, Kornati

Tavern Opat is situated in the bay Opat on the island of Kornati. It’s surrounded by incredible blue sea hitting rocks and stone as it overlooks the anchorage.

The chef prepares delicious seafood in order to bring you the best Mediterranean flavors, aromas and nuances combined with a rich selection of wines.

Croatian Restaurants with Jaw-Dropping Views
Image credit: Konoba Opat, Facebook

Panorama, Makarska

Panorama restaurant is located on Veliko Brdo at 400 meters above sea level, so it offers an amazing view over the entire town of Makarska, the sea and distant islands.

The chef of the restaurant prepares a beautiful combination of traditional and international cuisine with carefully selected wines and drinks. In the end, flavours create a seductive harmony of aromas and nuances, while the view adds a special touch that really can’t be forgotten.

Croatian Restaurants with Jaw-Dropping Views
Image credit: Restoran Panorama Makarska, Facebook

Nautika, Dubrovnik

You must have heard about the beauty of Dubrovnik – now imagine that beauty seducing you while you eat a mouth-watering meal. That’s exactly what restaurant Nautika offers.

The restaurant has an amazing view of the Adriatic and the fortresses of Lovrijenac and Bokar, while the chef prepares delicious recipes based on the combination of local ingredients with a modern twist.

Croatian Restaurants with Jaw-Dropping Views
Image credit: Restaurant Nautika, Dubrovnik, Facebook

Bon Appetit, Zagreb

Bon Appetit is a rooftop restaurant that has amazing views over the city of Zagreb.

The restaurant offers local and international cuisine, as well as its own interpretation of healthy and balanced nutrition known as ‘smart food’.

Zagreb is certainly one of the most vivid cities in the country, so the combination of the amazing view, modern touches and interesting dishes certainly gives the city an even more special vibe.

Croatian Restaurants with Jaw-Dropping Views
Image credit: Bon Appetit, Facebook

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Aterina, Korčula

Korčula is one of Croatia’s most beautiful islands so no wonder we had to mention Aterina. The tavern is located on the square of Korčula. One side there are sculptures and amazing view of the Pelješac peninsula and crystal-clear sea, while the other wayoverlooks the western coast of the town and island.

This charming tavern offers classic Dalmatian local food such as salted anchovies, prosciutto, makaruni and a wide selection of fish. The dishes are based on one rule – simple, yet rich in flavour.

Croatian Restaurants with Jaw-Dropping Views
Image credit: Aterina, Facebook

Vidilica, Split

Split is a beautiful city. In order to offer its guests the best, Vidilica is located on the Marjan hill and has beautiful panoramic views of the old town, nature, surrounding islands and sea. Quite breathtaking!

The restaurant combines Mediterranean, European and Croatian food and the chefs play with different ingredients, textures and flavors.

Croatian Restaurants with Jaw-Dropping Views
Image credit: Terace Vidilica, Facebook

Pelegrini, Šibenik

Tavern Pelegrini is situated in an amazing location in the old town of Šibenik and looks over the most beautiful cathedral.

Pelegrini is known for its seasonal menu – the chef changes the food on offer depending on the season and accessible ingredients, herbs and seasonings.

Croatian Restaurants with Jaw-Dropping Views
Image credit: Pelegrini, Facebook

Pod gričkim topom, Zagreb

Back in continental Croatia, in the capital of Zagreb and on the top of the Zakmardijeve stube, you can find the restaurant Pod gričkim topom. It’s an amazing spot and is often described as having one of the most beautiful views in Zagreb.

The restaurant has a great menu with local and traditional dishes.

Pod gričkim topom is focused on bringing you the charms of the old town of Zagreb – that authenticity and old spirits can be seen in all the flavors and aromas, as well as in the incredible view which lies right in front of you.

Croatian Restaurants with Jaw-Dropping Views
Image credit: Pod gričkim topom, Facebook

Laganini, Hvar

Laganini Lounge Bar & Fish House is on the island of Hvar, and combines the heavenly ambiance of the bay with exclusive wines and outstanding gastronomy.

Besides the amazing view, surroundings and fjaka, the restaurant offers a diverse selection of seafood dishes,, and all the recipes are based on fresh and local ingredients.

That, in harmony with the beautiful ambiance and surroundings, creates a meal you’ll truly never forget.

Croatian Restaurants with Jaw-Dropping Views
Image credit: Laganini Hvar, Facebook.

Croatian Restaurants with Jaw-Dropping Views

There are many more restaurants, taverns, cafes etc that hide amazing and truly breathtaking views, but I need to leave some of them hidden in order for you to discover them for yourselves.

Exploring and discovering hidden gems is surely one of the best parts of traveling, right? So be brave,go forth and discover special places of your own, in order to create unforgettable memories!

Oh, and if you’re interested to find out a bit more details about the Croatian gastronomy scene, recipes, and dishes, just visit the site KitchenToast!

This guest post was written by Ana, a blogger writing for KitchenToast.

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