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Christmas gifts for travel lovers

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I don’t know about you, but I get super stressed about Christmas shopping – I always set out to plan ahead but then suddenly November is here and I haven’t got the faintest what to get people!

I’m usually pretty awful at picking out the perfect Christmas gifts for my family and friends, but I am great at putting together my own wishlist, which I’ve been told is down to a serious case of spoilt single-child syndrome!

Looking around for potential presents I often get sidetracked by shiny things that take my own fancy and these often happen to have a travel-related theme. With that in mind I decided to get ask the LWT team to share some of their dream travel-related gifts and we’ve put together our ultimate Christmas gifts for travel lovers.

So, if you have a loved one that is passionate about seeing the world why not check out our list for the potential ‘Best Present Ever!’

Ultimate Christmas gifts for travel lovers


 A pretty passport holder

Everyone loves a pretty case for their passport, and one our favourites has to be this Sass & Belle Vintage World Map Passport HolderI’m a sucker for anything map-related at the moment (and I know I’m not alone in the LWT team with this) and merged with my love of all things vintage this is a beaut!


Lonely Planet ‘coffee table’ books

Oh how I love ALL the travel books! Lonely Planet is usually my go to choice for destination guides but I absolutely adore their beautiful ‘coffee table’-style books such as Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017 and Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist: The 500 Best Places on the Planet…Ranked. They’re great for inspiration and as we love finding new and quirky things to do on our travels, one of my personals favourites is The Best Place to be Today: 365 Things to do & the Perfect Day to do Them.

Adult colouring books

I don’t care whether they’re still ‘a thing’ or not, but I adore colouring books! I love doing some colouring in front of my roaring fire during winters at home, but also love to take them with me when I travel – great for plane journeys or those lazy days by the pool or on the beach. And now there’s the perfect option for your artistic travelling friends: the Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist Colouring Book!


El Camino bracelet with charms.

 El Camino bracelet and charms

I discovered the El Camino bracelet last year and instantly fell in love. Start off with one of these festival-style, durable bracelets and personalise them with your own travel story by collecting travel ‘steps’: basically charms inscribed with the name of a country or city. You can also buy customised steps with your own text on them and I also love the colourful ‘region’ steps that break down the continents into shades of bright turquoise and deep red.

*Discount codes!*

Even better, at the time of writing, El Camino is offering special discount codes depending on the amount you spend. If you buy from the online store, you can save five per cent when you spend £30 with discount code Travel5, save 10 per cent when you spend £75 with discount code Travel10 and save 15 per cent when you spend £150 with discount code Travel15. Happy to help! 😉

Suitcase organisers

For your super organised or slightly OCD friend why not splash out on a set of super useful packing cubes or suitcase organisers. This set was one of Laura’s favourite Amazon finds – High-end 7 PCS Travel Bag Set Luggage .

Travel games

Perfect for travelling couples and friends, travel games are great for lazy days lounging around the hotel or when you’ve got a couple of hours to waste before your connecting flight. Classics include UNO Cards and Bananagrams as you don’t need a board or pens or paper, but I recently discovered a highly recommended card game called Sushi Go!, which we took with us on our recent adventure to Cambodia!


 Personalised scratch maps

We have Scratch Map Personalised World Map that I gave my step-kids and they love it! Simply use a coin to scratch off each country you’ve visited. Great for regular travellers!


A cute money bank

I actually use a giant Bells Whisky bottle to save my small change (and I don’t even like whisky!) but I’d still love this super cute Saving To Go Map Places Suitcase Money Bank. If you have a friend that’s saving hard for a special trip this would be a super special present.

Inflatable flamingo pool float

Yep, we’ve saved the best  for last. Everyone has that sun-drenched pool loving friend and what better gift than an inflatable flamingo pool float. Laura loved this so much during her research that she ordered one for herself – as you can see from the photo below, she seriously loved it!

Want one for yourself? Well here’s the link!

Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float. Flamingo Pool Toy, Inflatable Lilo Lounger for Adults and Kids by Integrity co

Laura having the time of her life on an inflatable flamingo!
Laura having the time of her life on an inflatable flamingo!


Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy something via the link, it helps support our website  but there’s no extra cost to you– thank you! 

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