A collection of Lady V London dresses.

Cheap vintage dresses

I’m a lover of 40s, 50s and 60s style vintage dresses but for years have struggled to find any that were reasonably priced. Usually when I come across a style and pattern I like I have to go off for a sulk when I get to the price tag, as dresses in the past – both online and in stores – have been at the cheapest £60 and often £90 or even over £100!


That was until I discovered Lady V London, which is now my go-to website for beautiful vintage dresses. Prices are on average £40- £50 for a gorgeous vintage style dress, and the site regularly host deals where certain dresses or styles are on sale for a week or two at a time. It’s also worth ‘liking’ them on Facebook as they regularly post discount codes and let you know about special deals there. I’ve got several dresses for £30-35, but now have to rein back my dress-buying habit as the wardrobe is starting to groan!

Lady V London's Hippy Print Swing Dress.
Lady V London’s Hippy Print Swing Dress.

The vintage dresses themselves

Lady V London offers a good range of different vintage dress styles: tea, swing, wiggle,midi and office dresses, and they recently launched a plus size range too. Styles are very classic and flatter women of all sizes – really accentuating curves and making the wearer feel very feminine.

A Lady V London wiggle dress.
A Lady V London wiggle dress.

Sometimes vintage dresses can look better in pictures than reality, and quality can vary, but I can tell you from experience that those bought from Lady V London are high quality and fit well. They offer a great range of patterns too, so if you find a style that suits you, you can mix it up with different prints like birds, butterflies, flowers, hearts and polka dots.

I really do love this site, and would recommend it to any lady who’d love a bit of classy vintage fashion in their life!

vintage dress 1
Glamorous Black Lace Print Plus Size. Model Georgina Horne, photography by Matilda Temperley.

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