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Guest blogger Molly returns to Ladies what… this week to tell us all about the quintessentially British food she’ll miss when she emigrates to America. What would you miss if you moved abroad?

As I approach the end of my time apart from my husband (I am a soon-to-be UK expat living in the US) I have started to think about the things I am most looking forward to, but also the things I will miss. The most important things I will miss, of course, are family and friends, but the other important thing (probably far too important really) is food. Or to be more specific, certain types of food I know are not readily available in Ohio.

A good Cornish pasty

The first (and possibly the most important) is a good Cornish pasty. I grew up eating these and I am very particular about how they should taste and look. I won’t be able to buy a proper Cornish pasty as they have to be made in Cornwall (sorry, I’m a purist) so there is no hope. However, I have learnt how to make them myself and will be enjoying them that way, but they won’t be the same as I am not very good at it – yet. For me, the pasty is a real taste of home.

cornish pasty

British bacon

The next food item I will miss is British bacon. The US bacon I have had tastes and looks very different to what I am used to, and while I do like the US offerings, I do get the occasional ‘pang’ for a crispy British bacon butty. Luckily, my husband has very kindly found a butcher/meat store that knows how to recreate the cut and curing of a British rasher! I will probably do a bacon themed post on my blog once I get back to Ohio and explore all its food offerings again.

british bacon


This next item is a vital component to my diet and general well-being (having written this post, I realise I do not have the healthiest of food favourites!) it is chocolate. When I was last in the US, I tried a few varieties and makes of chocolate and I am afraid I did not like any of them. We did eventually find a dark chocolate that suited my European tastes, but to me (and I am sorry to all my wonderful American friends) US chocolate tastes awful. There is a huge difference in the amount/types of sweeteners and other things in it and it just does not make me want to eat it (probably a good thing seeing as I have mentioned nothing but highly fattening food so far).


Next, is curry. As a Brit, I love a good Indian curry and I do know there are curry houses in and around Ohio, but none have quite had the same feel to them. I think this is mainly down to the fact that the curries made and sold in the UK have a unique British twist to them and may not necessarily reflect true Indian cuisine. I think I will just have to re-educate myself to the style found in the US. If they can get the onion bhajis and vegetable samosas to my liking, I will be a customer for life. I will enjoy finding out what the US curry scene has to offer!

onion bajii

Cheddar cheese

Finally, the other foody item I will miss is a good English cheddar cheese. Strong, sharp and full of flavour, it really packs a punch and is great with a bit of Branston pickle. US cheese (only the type I have had so far when I was there) was a lot milder and not as full of flavour as I am used to. Luckily, my husband is a fan of strong cheddar and he has found a place that will cater to our cheesy needs. He also spent a lot of time seeking out my other favourites and to my surprise, he found Marmite and Yorkshire tea bags in a local store.

I hope you enjoyed this post about the foods I will miss when I am in the US. Has it got you thinking about what food you cannot live without or are currently missing? If it has, do share your thoughts and favourites. I would love to hear about them!

If you would like to follow Molly’s journey to the US, and find out more about life there (as she does), follow her blog, The Move to America.

Post images courtesy of Molly. Featured image courtesy of  WestportWiki, via Wikimedia Commons.


  • Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife

    Food for me is one of the hardest things to get over missing! You do find ways to recreate favorites but sometimes you just have to visit home to have the real deal.
    I would suggest trying Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar not exactly a British one but very tasty!

  • bevchen

    Living in Germany, the things I miss the most from the UK are Cheddar cheese (you CAN get Cathedral City Cheddar here, but it costs a small fortune!), Red Leicester cheese, malt vinegar, sausage rolls (and pies, and pasties), proper gravy and all the different flavours of crisps.

  • Barrie

    As an expat living in the U.S. I can empathize. However, fear not, there are a few places you can get decent British food. Trader Joe’s sells a range of British cheeses at reasonable prices and I always get Red Leicester and some nice Gloucester cheeses there. PG Tips, Brooke Bond and Tetley are pretty easy to get here but be prepared to pay a small fortune. The final tip I have for much missed British goods is Asian grocery stores. I have two Indian shops and a Southeast Asian shop near me that sell Bird’s Custard, Mcvitie’s Digestives and a ton of other British foods like Ambrosia Rice Pudding and Branston Pickle. Not sure what the situation in Ohio is but D.C. has quite a lot of British food places. Just no Wetherspoons. Which I miss.

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