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A trip to Birdland Park and Gardens

PenguinsFor wildlife lovers visiting the Cotswolds, you can’t get better than a trip to Birdland Park and Gardens, which can be found in the postcard picturesque town of Bourton-on-the-Water.

Family friendly

A wonderful place to spend a morning or afternoon, Birdland is very family friendly, with a children’s exploration area to delve into after you’ve made your way around the 50 aviaries and visited the 500+ birds who call the park home.

Birdland keepers share their secrets

As someone who jumps at any opportunity to visit a wildlife park, I was not disappointed. At Birdland you can see that the birds are well cared for and the staff will happily spend time answering your questions and telling you more about the many types of bird you’ll see.

a Birdland kookaburra.
a Birdland kookaburra.
The penguins are great fun to watch!
The penguins are great fun to watch!

The only place to see King Penguins in England

Birdland is home to a number of Humboldt penguins, and is also the only place you can see King Penguins in England. There’s also many different areas to explore including a desert house and hatchery, and if you wander to the back of the park you’ll find your way onto Marshmouth nature reserve, with its 2.5 acre trail through marshland, ponds and meadows. Here you’ve got a good change of coming across kingfishers as well as grass snakes, frogs and toads.

I got up close and personal with a parrot.
I got up close and personal with a parrot.

Hold and feed the birds

There’s regular feeding sessions you can watch, including penguins and pelicans and every day a keeper will come out with one of the birds to tell you more about them and if you’re lucky, handle one yourself.

I’ve visited the park several times and as a special treat I also once brought a friend along to take part in one of the penguin feeds as a birthday treat – she loved the chance to get in with the penguins and give them their lunch. It looked so much fun that I keep thinking about paying for myself to have a go too!

Meeting some wonderful characters!

There’s some great feathered characters to meet as you wander the park, and our family fell in love with Claude the Cockatoo, a friendly soul who loves to come up to you and get you to give his back a gentle rub through the grating. He was just too sweet!

Birdland is a lovely unassuming place and was surprisingly quiet on our visit. It’s open all year round and is well worth a trip if you’re visiting the Cotswolds – Whether you’re a kid of just a big kid like me, if you enjoy wildlife it’s a wonderful day out.

Claude the Cockatoo.
Claude the Cockatoo.


Find out more about Birdlands Park and Gardens, including opening times and prices.






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