Exploring the Bath Flea and Vintage Market

The Bath Flea and Vintage Market is quite a recently established affair that takes place around once a month at Bath Racecourse. We thought it might be a great place to discover some lovely shabby chic furniture, antiques or crafting knickknacks, so we headed over to the July market to check it out.

It seems the English summer had finally arrived, which made the whole affair much nicer as we were able to wander around in the sunshine sipping cold drinks whilst searching for bargains. However don’t let any rain put you off – the market takes place across a number of inside venues as well as along all the pathways between then and the green areas around.

There were over 200 stalls at the market, selling everything from wooden furniture and silverware through to vintage clothing and chinaware. It seems sellers come from all over the UK to take part in this and other flea markets in the region and you know what, we had a blast.

Even though we didn’t actually buy anything in the end we had a great time exploring and finding a plethora of weird and wonderful goodies on sale. We almost picked up several things include a silver cake slicer, a gorgeous 1950’s vintage dress and some hilarious 1960’s magazine adverts put into frames, but in the end decided although we liked them, we weren’t sure what we’d actually do with them!

There were some truly beautiful antiques, but something that really intrigued us was a trepanning set from the 1940s – yep you read that right, the 1940s. We thought that had come to an end much earlier, however the item’s seller was explaining to us that trepanning was used to deal with many medical issues until quite recently!

There really is something here for everyone and I personally think going to something like this is a lovely day out even if you don’t make any purchases We actually found that wandering around gave us some great ideas for crafting projects. We don’t want to give away all of our ideas just yet, but keep checking our crafting section to see what we come up with. We actually discovered quite a few sellers offering some lovely material scraps, so these kinds of places can be a great place of discovery for the crafters amongst you, but many of the things we saw we knew we could get decent, cheaper versions of in places like Dunelm Mill.

All in all for £3 an adult (£2 a student or disabled person) the Bath Flea and Vintage Market was a lovely jaunt out that we’re likely to do again over the next few months. Unfortunately there’s no market in August or October, but it won’t be long until September is upon us and I’d highly recommend market and shopping fans to check it out.

By day Co-Editor Keri is a freelance journalist and copywriter, but spends most of her free time either travelling or planning her next trip!  A complete travel fanatic, she has a love of tropical climates, wildlife and afternoon tea (hence the creation of her Global Afternoon Tea Challenge!)

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