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Did you know that you can try out axe throwing in Bristol? Whistle Punks recently opened a new branch in the city centre and it’s well worth checking out!

I’m not in anyway sporty, and cannot throw to save my life, but you know what, I absolutely love axe throwing! I first discovered ‘urban axe throwing’, as the connoisseurs call it, back in 2017, and jumped on a train to London just so I could check out Whistle Punks’ first venue over in Vauxhall.

As you’ll see from my write up, I was god awful at it, but even though I never hit the target in the hour and a half I ‘played’ (I did manage to get an axe into a bit of wood down by the floor though…) I had an utter blast. Whether you’re good or bad, axe throwing is excellent fun which is why I was so happy when I found out that Whistle Punks was opening a new branch in Bristol. 

Bristol axe throwing - Whistle Punks

Whistle Punks Axe Throwing opens in Bristol 

Now just a 30 min drive away rather an a two hour trek into London (or a drive up to Birmingham or Manchester), I can finally scratch that axe throwing itch more often. And the new venue, in the centre of the city, is super snazzy too. A group of local bloggers were invited along to a preview evening the night before the official Bristol launch in November, myself and Karis included. As I ventured inside I discovered Whistle Punks Bristol also has a bar and a funky little pizzeria, managed by Bristol favourite Pizzarova, as well as some nice seating areas where you can watch everyone else take their turn. 

Whistle Punks Bristol

After munching on some tasty food, it was time for us to move into our groups and get ready to hurl some axes. Here we met our instructors – a great bunch who show you how to safety throw an axe. First everyone gets a chance to try throwing one and double handed, with your instructor watching your technique and giving you tips. I love these guys, they’re always smiley, good fun and really supportive. The tips they gave me as a double hander – to move back, lunge more and throw later – led to me successfully hitting the target several times. Yes guys, I actually did it this time!!!!

Bristol axe throwing - Whistle Punks

Time for an axe throwing tournament 

Once you’ve had several practice goes then its time for the real competition to begin. The instructors call you up two at a time, get you to clink axes with your competitor and then aim for the bullseye. It’s one point if you hit the outer circle, three points for the inner circle and five points for the bullseye. If you’re super good you can even try for the small circles at the edge of the board, which are worth seven points. Anywhere else and it’s a big fat zero. Oh and also worth noting is that the axe has to stay in the wood or it doesn’t count, no matter how epic the bounce back! 

Everyone gets to play three rounds and then the top scorers move on to a semi-final and then final, and the last two standing get a lovely trophy to take home. I didn’t make it to the final rounds but proud to say that this time I scored three points, so I’m improving. 

Is axe throwing for you? 

I enjoyed my return to Whistle Punks at least as much, or maybe even more than my first visit and I’ll definitely be back with my friends. I know that the other branches have clubs for those that want to come along more regularly and I’m even thinking about signing up if the Bristol launches one here. 

Still not sure if axe throwing is for you? Well I’d still recommend you try it out once, as it might surprise you. Everyone I know who’s been absolutely loved it and I’ve seen such a variety of people there – from business peeps in suits through to young couples on dates. Why not give it a go? You might find out your a whizz at it, but either way it’ll give you something cool to talk about if you ever meet Jason Momoa *swoon*… 

A 70 minutes session at Whistle Punks costs £20 off peak and £25 peak time. Find out more and book your slot on the Whistle Punks website

Urban axe throwing in Bristol – Whistle Punks – Pin for later!

Bristol axe throwing - Whistle Punks
Bristol axe throwing - Whistle Punks

Our visit to Whistle Punks was complimentary for purposes of review, but all opinions are my own.

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