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Afternoon tea in Copenhagen – Nimb Bar

If you’re looking for somewhere spectacular to have afternoon tea in Copenhagen then you can’t get better than Nimb.

The name Nimb has a long culinary history in Copenhagen. Vilhelm and Louise Nimb opened up their first Tivoli restaurant back in 1877 later moving into Tivoli Garden’s Moorish-inspired palace when it was built in 1909. They were the first restaurant to introduce the tall open sandwiches now popular in Denmark to their menu, and were also renowned for the parties and dances they held back in the 1920’s.

Nimb is now made up of several restaurants, bars and also a hotel, and continues to be an iconic name in the city.

afternoon tea in copenhagen nimb bar

Nimb Bar, Copenhagen

Afternoon tea is served in the Nimb Bar, which is situated in what was the old ball room. A truly elegant space, its high ceilings and chandeliers ooze class, yet feel welcoming, in part thanks to the comfy silver-grey lounge chairs.

The large white space is bright and clean – I did think all that white could have come across as cold and clinical, but the art work on the walls, mirrored and glass doors, flowers and yellow glow from the lights instead gave the space a warm, relaxed feel.

We’d come to Nimb to meet Erin, a fellow travel blogger based in Copenhagen, and introduce her to the wonder of afternoon tea for the first time!

When we arrived we were quickly greated. After popping our coats away on a rack by the door, our server, Mette, took us to our table and poured us each a glass of bubbly and the fun began.

Afternoon tea at Nimb

First up was choosing our tea. The selection came from Singaporean teahouse TWG and was made up of black teas as well as a few quirky options like fruit and chocolate infused Earl Gray and a passion fruit tea.  Unsurprisingly as soon as I saw Broken Orange Pekoe on the menu my choice was made!

Erin pointed out that our teacups and plates were Royal Copenhagen porcelain, which gave the whole affair even more of a decadent feel and she also informed me that all of Nimb’s restaurants use high quality, locally sourced, seasonal products and organic breads and pastries from their own in-house bakery. She explained that even the honey is sustainably sourced from Tivoli’s own urban bee garden!

Savouries with a Scandinavian twist

Afternoon tea at Nimb comes in three ‘courses’ – something new for me. The first serving was made up of a three-tier tray of savoury dishes with, unsurprisingly, a Scandi/fishy twist.

We were served lumpfish roe with whipped crème frache on puff pastry, quail eggs and shrimp with homemade mayonnaise on Danish rye bread, Danish crackers with cheese and olives and my two personal standouts; a rich chicken liver mousse topped with pureed rhubarb in a crisp pastry shell and a warm hay cheese, salmon and asparagus pie.

These were truly delicious – especially the chunky flakes of salmon that crumbled apart on my fork and the mouth-watering pie base (what, I have this thing about pastry?!). I had to hold back from asking for a second portion!

Flamingo iced tea

The middle serving is essentially a palate cleanser, but something I’d never seen before in an afternoon tea. After the savoury tray was cleared away we were each brought a pink flamingo iced tea, which was an Instagrammer’s dream.

A gorgeous crystal glass was filled with crushed ice and had then been drizzled with sugary hibiscus tea, lemon juice and decorated with a little flower. It was almost too pretty to drink. The sweetness was a bit of a shock to the senses but enjoyable none the less, and quite refreshing indeed. It was a nice way to slow down the meal, have a chat and digest course one, before the second, and final service was brought out.

Second serving

This was made up of the sweet dishes: scones, cinnamon knots, panna cotta and a selection of petit fours.

The scones were a bit more savoury than I’d have liked, served with salted butter, lemon curd, whipped cream and blackcurrant jam. There’s just no substitute for clotted cream in my opinion, but they were still enjoyable.

afternoon tea in copenhagen nimb bar

I devoured the cinanamon rolls however. I’m not a huge fan of the spice, but the pastry only had a light cinnamon flavour and was just doughy heaven in my mouth. Erin informed me that these cinnamon rolls were more Swedish in style than Danish, but they got a thumbs up from me none the less.

Next was the extravagant panna cotta – served in a way I’d never seen before. It had a shell of pistachio and white chocolate, topped with a little edible ‘gold leaf’.

As if this wasn’t enough, we ended our afternoon tea with a pistachio macaron, and a mocha and salted caramel truffle each. And I can hand on heart say I think we left the best ‘till last, as they were heavenly!

What I thought of afternoon tea at the Nimb Bar

I loved the whole Nimb experience. It really did feel like you were somewhere special and the space itself was beautiful. It was quiet, relaxing – we never felt rushed, and the food was lovely. The three servings made afternoon tea here unique, especially the middle serving of the flamingo iced tea.

Each course had a standout dish (or two) and I wouldn’t hesitate to return the next time I visit Copenhagen!

Want to know what Erin thought of her first ever afternoon tea experience? Well here’s her full review!

Pin for later!

Afternoon tea in Copenhagen nimb bar pin
Afternoon tea in Copenhagen nimb bar pin

Afternoon tea is served in the Nimb Bar everyday between 12-4pm. Afternoon tea costs 325Kr (approximately £40) or between 425-580Kr (approx £50-70) with a glass of champagne.

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