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8K Flexwarm Heated Jacket Review

If like me you feel the cold, then a heated jacket might be the perfect coat for you. I recently tried one out for myself and loved it. Here’s my 8K Flexwarm heated jacket review…

Yes, heated jackets are actually a thing, and this makes me very happy as I’m well known for feeling the cold. When working at home you’re likely to find me wrapped up in thick socks, fluffy slippers, giant jumpers and a blanket. That’s just how I roll.

Heated clothing is becoming more common now – I already own a heated scarf, which I love, so I was interested to see how a coat compared.

8K make a small variety of fashionable heated jackets – with or without hoods  – and gillets for men, women and children, all made with soft fabric and no down or fur. Designed not only for fashion but also function, ribbed cuffs, water resistant fabric, a two-way zip and pockets over the heated areas ensure you also stay warm and dry when out adventuring.

How the 8K Flexwarm heated jacket works

The first thing I noticed when my black 8K Flexwarm heated jacket arrived was that it was surprisingly lightweight. I thought how can something so thin keep you warm? Well it’s down to the ultra-thin heating elements that sit between the inner and outer layers of the coat’s fabric.

The jacket has three of these, one across the back and two at the front, designed to keep your core warm. The front ones go over your pockets, keeping your hands toasty warm on chilly days. In just six minutes they can heat up to the maximum temperature of 50o, but you can control the temperature to a setting that best suits you.

8K Flexwarm instructions

You set the heat levels and zones via cute light up buttons on the side of your jacket. The bottom button controls the level of heat – off, low (37o), medium (45 o), or high (50o), while the top button lets you choose whether to heat the front of the jacket, the back or all zones.  

8k Flexwarm heated jacket review

Powered by Flexwarm smartphone app

As well as on the coat itself, you can also control the jacket’s heat via a smartphone app. The Powered by Flexwarm app, available for both iPhones and Android devices, pairs with your jacket by simply holding in the power button ‘till it flashes. Click ‘pair’ on the app and you’re good to go. You can then play around with the app until you find your optimum set up. It’s not really needed as the buttons are easy to reach etc, but it’s fun to use!

The coat is powered by a 7500mAh power bank, which simply slips into an inside pocket where you ‘plug it in’ via a USB connection. You charge this overnight when you first get the jacket and then it’ll last up to six hours when in use. It’s much more efficient and much less cumbersome than my scarf, which eats up batteries as they only last a couple of hours.

Sure, you notice the power bank is there when you put it on, as it’s like having a small phone in your pocket, but in no time it’s forgotten. Speaking of phones though, an added bonus is that the power bank is dual port, meaning you can also use your jacket to charge your phone – or other small electrical devices – on the go!

8k Flexwarm heated jacket review

How warm does the 8K Flexwarm jacket get?

The heating range of the 8K Flexwarm jacket is from 37-50o. I have to admit the coat didn’t feel as hot as I expected, so it did take a little while to ‘warm’ to (sorry, not sorry). My expectations were that it would get as toasty as my electric blanket or heated car seats, but actually that would be a bad design, as you’d just end up all hot and sweaty.

After I got over my initial disappointment and realised that getting too hot would be a bad plan, I started to see that its gentle heat is designed to keep you comfortably warm. And that it did. The best way to describe it is that its like you’ve put it on a radiator to warm up before you put it on – and it stays like that.

Yes, I like to get uncomfortably hot, but I actually found that when out and about the coat took the edge off the cold even for me, even with my famously cold blood. Time and time again this was the coat I chose over my winter parka and ski jacket, which has got to tell you something…

8k Flexwarm heated jacket review

What I liked about the 8K Flexwarm heated jacket

Anything heated is good in my book. I loved whacking the heat on high and feeling the warmth rise quickly.

I’m used to having to wear bulky coats as soon as the weather gets cooler, so it’s been lovely to wear such a light but warm coat. No longer do I have to walk around like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in order to stay warm!

It’s a super stylish slim fit outdoor coat too, which is great. It looks just as good with a pair of skinny jeans and trainers as it does with salopettes and a pair of Sorrel snow boots, and I’ve had so many people complement me on the jacket. I get to keep warm but also look, and feel, good.

Plus points

  • Heated – multiple settings and heat zones
  • Machine washable
  • Cool control app
  • Fitted and fashionable – perfect for almost all occasions
8k Flexwarm heated jacket review

Would I recommend it?

The above points highlight that the 8K Flexwarm heated jacket is a pretty great ‘all round’ coat. Yes it’s perfect for those exploring the great outdoors, but it’s just as good for commuting to work or heading out on a cool evening. I’ve lived in mine since I got it – I knew I must really like it when I was without it for a week or so and really missed it!  

I got the coat in February and I can see myself wearing it right up to the start of summer and then getting it back out in September. I’ve worn it out and about in the UK am taking it to Copenhagen this May, but I also wore it throughout my trip to Iceland, where I was often out in freezing temperatures for an hour or two at a time.  So would I recommend it? Yes.

8K Flexwarm jacket  – what you should know

  • Technology and design like this doesn’t come cheap and at the time of writing a woman’s jacket costs £199. Still, the price is pretty good when put against comparable winter jackets. Oh and delivery is free – worldwide.
  • The sizing is small, so always go big. I’m a size 12-14 and I was recommended the extra large jacket. I thought this would be huge, but no it’s a perfect fit.
  • The jackets come in six colours: black, grey, blue, orange, burgundy and red.

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  • Ania

    I’m happy to see it’s done you well! I’d love to get one of these, especially for the cold nights when I’m put on a stewarding shift at the bar. Maybe something to save up for in time for next winter? I do like slightly longer jackets so it would be great to see if they have one that covers the butt more or bring one out.

    • Keri

      Yeah I get what you mean about a longer jacket, I’d like that too, but this is also perfect as a lighter jacket in warmer months so the length works well in that context. I reckon it’d be great for you at the bar though!

  • Corey | Fifi + Hop

    How did I not know about this??!!! I too get cold all the time and have horrible blood circulation. I’m a warm weather person through and through, yet live in New York. I am so getting this jacket for next season! Love that you can charge your phone too. Thanks for linking up with #farawayfiles – off to shop..

  • claire woods

    I feel the cold, so this would be good for me. I could wear it and still go out for a long walk without getting freezing. We always go for a long beach walk to see the seals in Norfolk over Christmas, so this would be good for then. #XmasComp

  • Gareth

    I ordered a gilet for my father’s Christmas present at the end of October and was told they were out of stock.

    I contacted customer services who confirmed that I would have the item in time for the holidays. The money was taken from my account at the point of order and not refunded in lieu of their stock position.

    At the end of November, I contacted them again and, as previously, was promised pre-Christmas delivery. I even offered to accept a different item to ensure i received it. On the 23rd December after another round of emails, I received a despatch notification from 8k along with a tracking number from DHL to confirm item would be delivered 24th December. When I tracked the parcel on Christmas Eve, DHL confirmed the consignment was raised but not collected. A ploy to make people think they were getting goods? When I tried to ring them, there was now a message instead of the usual switchboard options. I left a voicemail requesting a call back but that never happened either.

    To top it off, they still have my money and I cannot expect it back until after the holidays now.


    • Keri

      Hi Gareth, sorry to hear you didn’t have a great experience with 8K. I personally have found them helpful, so it is a shame you didn’t have the best experience. I have forwarded your comment to their marketing department to make them aware of your personal situation. I hope that they will respond to your comments – either directly or here on the blog.

  • 8K Flexwarm

    Hi Gareth,

    We’re so sorry to hear you’ve had issues when purchasing your 8K Flexwarm heated apparel.

    We know you’ve had a refund, however we’d love to offer you a discount if you ever ordered from us again. If you’d like the discount please give us an email.

    We’d like to apologise again for the trouble you have experienced with us.


    The 8K Flexwarm Team

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