Although I’d grown up in the East of England and spent many a weekend as a teenager exploring Cambridge’s indie record and vintage clothes shops, until this recent trip I’d never visited its sister city of Ely. Keen to rectify this, I recently headed back up to Cambridgeshire, where I spent 48 hours in Ely, exploring the city’s history, teashops and attractions!

Ely is a perfect destination for a two-day UK break, with just the right amount of bars, eateries and attractions to entertain all type of travellers, from families to couples. Here’s our guide to the best of Ely – from things to do, to where to stay and where to eat.

Things to do in Ely

Ely is the second smallest city in the UK and it’s easy to see that the city grew out from the cathedral, which was founded over 1,300 years ago. A city in name but a town in size, Ely has a countryside feel to it, with the beautiful Great Ouse river winding through the city, lots of green, open spaces and the fenland just a small drive from its centre.

There are a variety of interesting things to do to if you base yourself in the city for a weekend or midweek break, from country walks and history through to museums and cute cafes.

Eel trail ely | Ladies What Travel


Take the Eel Trail

A great way to get a feel for the city, the Eel Trail is a short self-guided heritage art trail that takes you through some of the oldest parts of the city, along the river and through some very picturesque parts of the old cathedral grounds. Pick up your free map at the tourist centre (found in Oliver Cromwell’s House) and get your cameras at the ready!

Then wander stroll through the city centre and visit the shops

Alongside the usual high street suspects and a large number of charity shops you’ll find a variety of pretty little independent stores selling everything from cards and artwork through to woollens, handmade toiletries and crafts.

Highlights include the Ely Gin shop and a quirky three-story antiques market down by the river where you can spend hours wandering through its corridors looking at antique silver, homeware, war memorials and even rare comics! Here I found a beautiful vintage diamond-set ring that I fell in love with, which Justin snuck off to buy me as my birthday present before we left!

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Ely Cathedral

Unsurprisingly the cathedral is a highlight of Ely and is the only UK building to be listed as one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Medieval World’.

Not only is it enjoyable to simply wander around the cathedral on your own, but special tours give you a chance to learn a lot more about its history and explore areas you’d otherwise miss.

Visitors can take part in tours of both the Octagon Tower and the West Tower, which take place several times a day, but be prepared for a steep climb, as the towers have 165 and 288 steps respectively.

looking down ely cathedral | Ladies What Travel

ely cathedral roof | Ladies What Travel

The Stained Glass Museum

Up a stone spiral staircase inside the cathedral you’ll find the entrance to the stained glass museum, which resides in the south triforium. The only museum of its kind in the UK, simply take your audio guide, grab one of the foldable chairs near the start of this small museum and slowly make your way down the displays learning about the history of stained glass making and its evolution – an interesting way to spend an hour.

Stained glass museum

Stained glass museum 2 | Ladies What Travel

Ely Museum

Set in the city’s former gaol, this museum tells the history of Ely and the surrounding lands, with the chance to explore the original prison cells, handle fossils and study Roman remains.

Oliver Cromwell’s House

Oliver Cromwell lived in Ely for a large part of his life, and his old house has been turned into a fun museum with lots of hands-on exhibits that let you learn about life in the 17th Century and Cromwell’s own story.

Find out what they used to eat, try writing with a quill or playing childhood games from the time (I appear to rule at quoits by the way!) and even play dress up in clothes and armour from the era! This attraction was one of my personal favourites!

games at oliver cromwells house | Ladies What Travel

Escape Room

Cromwell’s old salon now also plays host to a unique ‘pop up’ escape room experience. At a decently priced £80 a session, 4-8 people can get ‘arrested by Parliament and try to escape execution by Cromwell’s men’ by solving the puzzles within 60 minutes or less. Big fun for history lovers!

Where to stay in Ely

There are several quaint B&Bs in and around Ely, but for an affordable luxury city break you can’t do better than Poet’s House.

Just across the road from Oliver Cromwell’s House and with a great view of the cathedral, this hotel is friendly, beautifully designed, luxurious and has the most amazing freestanding copper baths! Read our full review to find out more about our stay there.

Peacocks tearoom ely 1 | Ladies What Travel

Peacocks tearoom ely | Ladies What Travel

where to eat in ely | Ladies What Travel

Where to eat in Ely

Ely city centre has a plethora of restaurants to choose from, from chains like Prezzo through to a myriad of inviting old pubs and tearooms.

For lovers of tea and cake, a must-visit is Peacocks, a family run teahouse overlooking the river that has an amazing selection of teas and, if you take the time to read their menu through fully, a wicked sense of humour!

Peacocks says it is the only place that offers tea from every continent, and also has a huge selection of special blends, all with fun names like Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty. Great service and good food.

Another good choice near the cathedral is the Almonry tea rooms and restaurant, with a café that’s home to the best millionaire’s shortbread I’ve ever tasted, and a gorgeous restaurant down in the vaulted undercroft. Definitely a great setting for a special meal.

Finally, as well as offering high quality evening meals at an affordable price, Poet’s House is renowned for its afternoon tea offering, and its bar is always packed with locals and visitors alike enjoying the sandwiches and scones.

Other restaurants highly recommended in the city for tasty, high quality dinners include the Lamb, the Cutter and the Old Fire Engine House.

We also visited The Anchor in Sutton Gault, a short drive out of town, where the food was amazing. However, be warned that service can be very slow, so only come if you plan to make a real night of it!

48 hours in Ely | Ladies What Travel


To find out more about Ely and all it has to offer, be sure to check out the Visit Ely Tourist Board.



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36 thoughts on “48 Hours in Ely

  1. Ely looks like such a fun place for a weekend getaway! I would love to check out the three story antique market and of course the cathedral. It’s only breakfast time here, but that beef dish looks delicious and I would trade my smoothie for it right now.

    1. Ha ha, totally understandable Sam! Yeah it’s the perfect destination for a chilled UK break, great if you just want to potter and relax. Hope you get to visit one day!

    1. Oh cool! What did you get? We bought Ely Gin in the cathedral shop – did feel a bit weird buying alcohol in a religious building though lol

  2. Oooh I love the look of this town, especially the view from inside the cathedral looking down! #CityTripping

    1. Yes I was jealous that Justin went up on the roof, what an amazing experience, but sadly my legs couldn’t cope with all those stairs…

  3. I am also an East Anglian and have spent many hours in Cambridge. Once many years ago my mother dragged me on a WI coach trip to Ely, I wasn’t best pleased but remember being bowled over by the Cathedral. Time for another visit now that I’m oldet than my Mum was when she booked me onto that first coach trip! #CityTripping

  4. I’d never even heard of Ely before, but that cathedral is absolutely gorgeous, and huge-looking! #CityTripping

  5. Whoaaa! That is one impressive cathedral! It is interesting to know this is the second smallest town in the UK. I mean with building like the ones you are showing in here, t doesn’t looks small at all. #citytripping

    1. The cathedral is totally the heart of the city Ruth, everything has grown from that, but as UK cities go it is more like a town!

  6. I used to have a summer residential job where I worked in the school behind the cathedral in Ely. I have such fond memories of my time there but I wish I hadn’t have had to work quite so hard, I would have loved to explore the town more. I think I need to go back and work my way through your list!

  7. I love self guided trails so the eel trail would suit me well, I like being able to go at my own pace and linger where I want to. Oliver Cromwell’s house would be fascinating. The cathedral looks amazing too. Ely would be a great place for a weekend break, thanks for sharing your top tips with #wanderfulwednesday

    1. Glad you enjoyed Jo, Ely is definitely a good option for people that like slow travel and to soak a place in…

  8. I definitely agree about Ely being a great weekend trip! I went there a few times during university and it was so tranquil, just wonderful. I had a meal in the Old Fire Engine House and it was great!

  9. How funny, I just read a post about Wells, the smallest town in England and now your post about the 2nd smallest! Ely looks so charming… and the stained glass museum looks fascinating

    1. Yes I read that piece too Christine! Funny how we both wrote about these cities on the same week ha ha.

    1. I do think it’s interesting to go back to places we visited as kids, we can see them so differently!

  10. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t have a clue about Ely and it’s not even that far from where I live. But after reading how historic and interesting it is, I think I am going to have to explore myself soon! Thanks for linking up with #CityTripping

  11. I love how the name Ely already suggests a little small town in the English countryside 😉 I love towns like that. It’s so relaxing to wander around small alleyways and look at old architecture!

  12. I haven’t heard of Ely before and now I want to go. I love European cathedrals and would love to see this particular one along with the stained glass museum. This looks like such a charming town and an ideal weekend trip. Thanks for introducing me to Ely 🙂

    1. Happy to have helped you discover Ely Mary! As Cathedrals go I did find this one pretty impressive – the grounds and out buildings make it even more special to wander around. I do hope you get to visit…

  13. 48 hours in England’s second smallest city and 24 hours in England’s smallest city…. I guess great minds were thinking alike this week 😛 .. This looks like a great itinerary for 2 days in Ely! Great choices!

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