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Discovering Dublin – some pre-trip research

I’m off to Dublin for a quick trip next month. I’m super excited as I feel like I haven’t been away for what feels like absolutely ages. My last planned trip had to be postponed because of a very poorly cat – he’s all better now, though, so I’m able to leave the house for more than a few hours at a time again!

I’ve been to Dublin before, but it was just a quick overnight pit-stop before heading out on a three day tour of the south of Ireland. That was the first time I’d ever been on a solo trip, and was something like ten years ago, so I imagine that there’s been a lot of changes.

I don’t have any idea of the itinerary yet, so while I wait, I’ve been contenting myself by checking out blog posts, photos and videos of Ireland’s capital city to get me in the mood for my trip.

Videos of Dublin

I’m a little bit obsessed with time lapse at the moment and keep meaning to try my own. I’ll get round to stealing my husband’s gopro and giving it a shot at one point, but in the meantime, this Dublin time lapse is one of many you’ll find on YouTube.


The Guiness storehouse is one of Dublin’s most popular tourist attractions – here’s Conan O’Brien on a tour.


HostelWorld have put together this handy video of ten things you need to know about Dublin – well worth checking out before you go!

Blog Posts about Dublin

In Dublin’s Fair City – Oh, the places we will go: Selena’s blog posts are always filled with the best photos and this article on Dublin is no exception. From stunning landscape shots to the tiny details that all make up Dublin’s unique energy, Selena’s photos capture them all.

Discovering Dublin By foot – Pack your passport: Walking is my favourite way to get around a city – I think it really allows you to explore all of the details that make up the place, rather than just whizzing past them. If the photos in Beverley’s post about her walk around Dublin don’t inspire you to hit the streets on foot, nothing will.

Two days in Dublin – Expat Edna: In this jam-packed post, Edna gives the lowdown on the best things to see and do to make the most of a quick trip to Dublin.

Pilgrimage to stout heaven – Bitten by the travel bug: More on the famous Guinness Storehouse as Nicole gives a super account of her trip to the home of one Ireland’s most famous exports.

Photos of Dublin

There’s so many gorgeous photos of Dublin that I don’t really know where to start!

Dublin Docklands at night by William Murphy (via Flickr)

Dublin Castle by Wojtek Gurak (via Flickr)

guiness barrels dublinGuinness barrels (via pinterest)

The Ha’penny bridge at night by Lendog64 (via Flickr)

There’s hundreds and hundred more, of course, so I’ve started a Pinterest board with some of my favourites. If you know of any other great photos, videos or blog posts about Dublin, I’d love to hear about them – let me know in the comments below!

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  • Ania

    Dublin is a great place – it’s a long time since I went, and the weather probably prevented us from making the most of the city, so it would be great to go back and see it again!

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